Uploading Workouts for Outdoor Cycling

Hi, when might this be available?

Almost all SYSTM workouts can be uploaded to a head unit for outdoor use now.

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Do you want to do your own workouts, or take the SYSTM ones outdoors? If the latter, this js already a feature. The scheduled workout should show on your Wahoo Bolt/Roam or otherwise you can use an addon in your internet browser to download the file which you can then drag onto your Garmin. Works a treat, methodology is here:


I did not know this was possible! Thank you Dame Lisa!


works really well too. I’ve done a few on RGT.

You are SO welcome Sir Peter!!!


FWIW: I see two versions of workouts, INDOOR and OUTDOOR. The outdoor version is simplified to remove some of the shorter, smaller power increment intervals.

also FWIW: Going from something like SYSTM to head unit would historically have been called downloading. Uploading, downloading, and syncing used to mean different things.