How to do workouts outside?

How do I sync the calendar to my Wahoo Element Bolt head unit for outside riding?

My wahoo element bolt can sync training sessions from competing products like TrainerRoad but not with their own Wahoo Systm?

I might as well stop my subscription and create my own training plan on TrainingPeak which does sync to my Wahoo Element Bolt for outside riding, as I rarely ride indoors during the summer period.

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@Xtina Not available yet but it seems to be on the roadmap. Note that some of the workouts are already on TrainingPeaks via the old Sufferfest plans. If you add plans and then move the workouts that you want to your library you can then use them as needed.

I have also created outdoor workouts on TP based on the written instructions in SYSTM and exported them to both my Bolt and to RGT. It is fairly easy to do but it would definitely be nice to have it there already.

Further, there was a thread on using to push workouts to RGT but I haven’t tried that method.


One of the cautions I always throw out there is DO NOT attempt to do any of the complex video workouts out of doors. You need to have situational awareness, even if you are on an outdoor track riding solo. Doing some of the inspiration/no-vid workouts is possible if you have appropriate warnings set up and you are very familiar with what they mean and can react without losing sight of your surroundings. In RGT, this is just fine for you to figure it out though…


Sorry for the nit pick … I think you meant TrainingPeaks

@PedalMonkey Correct and thanks. I made the correction in the original post.

Love this app, BUT this is by far the biggest drawback. IT’s beyond me how Training Peak can be pushed to a Wahoo head unit and Wahoo’s app can’t??!!??
At this point the standard… “we’re working on it answer” doesn’t cut it.

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But the answer IS we are working on a new Workout processor that will connect to Wahoo units AND to other services AND give you a better experience. Good, high quality, software doesn’t happen overnight. I prefer people take their time and get it right the first time. I’m tired of getting software that is full of issues and some programs I’ve tested actually have done serious harm to my computing systems requiring full restoral.