Outdoor workouts + Sufferfest + Wahoo Bolt

I’ve seen several multiple year old threads about this – I just want to mash a button, and take my exercise outdoors.

Instead I get this hard to read prescription, that I … have to punch into yet another app (Training peaks) to then sync it to my device

Is that still the case in 2021?

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Yup. Even in 2021.

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I transcribe the workouts in Training Peaks workout builder function by watching the SUF video and writing down the changes in power/cadence etc. This works well for the videos that are mostly endurance or have longer intervals. Yes it can be tedious with the videos that have lots of short intervals but once you have done this you have them forever in TP (unless you delete them of course).

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If you only have the free version of TP I believe you do not have the option to save workouts, which means you have to create the workout from scratch every time. Which is beyond tedious.

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thanks for the replies all. I’m a developer, this is fucking ridiculous. I’ll start poking at it this weekend. Whatever I do, i’ll release for free. I just want to copy and paste the shit it tells you to do and send it to my device.

Let’s see how hard this is :slight_smile:


and while i’m here: it’s also ridiculous y’all don’t have an android app. it’s 2021. there are tons of tools that help you develop one codebase and release on multiple platforms. Spend some of the money I’m paying you on an app developer.

Following @flowardnut1 for updates.

You have the option in Discord to Watch a certain topic (aside from other options). Have a look below the share/bookmark/flag/reply buttons.
I’ve done the same, since I’m very interested in seeing the results from @flowardnut1 's work.

@flowardnut1 This would be uber-cool !!!

@flowardnut1 I’ve looked at this before, and unfortunately https://developers.wahooligan.com/ is pretty bare :frowning: and I think that’s the biggest missing link right now. Sufferfest could certainly make it easier to export their outdoor workouts in standard formats, but it’s not too hard to edit them by hand and I doubt it would be that difficult to automate the transformation either.

But as far as “how to get a workout to the Bolt” either via a custom app (annoying to maintain, and can the APIs they do expose even do that?) or a custom third party sync (less annoying, but totally undocumented!), I suspect the best we can do is drop their development team a line.

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I’d love to be able to sync it to my Bolt without having to create it in TP first.

I dropped the Wahoo Dev team a direct email, but I suspect that any real efforts will need to wait for their Cloud API to go live.

Got a response back and the suggestion was that currently there are really only three ways to deliver workout files to a Wahoo Bolt:

  • Training Peaks
  • Today’s Plan
  • direct USB transfer

Not being particularly interested in paying for another service, I started exploring the latter choice. It turns out the .plan format for Wahoo has been deciphered: Wahoo Elemnt - Tips, tricks and custom images · GitHub and there is a converter from MRC format: GitHub - ManuelWiese/mrc_tools: Tools to convert mrc workout files.

I don’t think automatic syncing is in the cards until Sufferfest exposes an API and Wahoo exposes an API, or they solve the integration internally. However, it’s very doable to build a small service that would allow people to copy the text over from the listed outdoor workout and produce a file suitable for direct transfer via USB.


Nice work @frenata ! It certainly would be nice to be able to transfer the workouts to the calendar in WK05 and/or Training Peaks.

@frenata Any update on this? I just signed up for the trial of SYSTM, but found out it’s not a true Wahoo EcoSYSTM since I have to sit in my pain cave indoors doing the workouts, instead of being able to sync to my Wahoo ELMNT Bolt and doing the workouts outdoors (there’s bike paths around me where I can easily follow a structured workout).

30 minutes indoors feels like 3 outdoors, so I’d love to just do most of my workouts outdoors, while still following a structured training plan. I’m in Southern California, so I can workout outdoors year around. The pain cave workouts are only necessary when I’m too tied up with work to go outdoors.

It is already stated on multiple places this should be coming to the beginning of the northern hemisphere outdoor season.

That’ll come by spring 2022 (northern hemisphere). Wahoo says that won’t be limited to the Wahoo bike computers, though it might be limited functionality on other units. For example on a Wahoo unit you’ll get 4DP zones, but they said that likely won’t happen on other hardware platforms. Hands-On With Wahoo’s New SYSTM Training Platform | DC Rainmaker

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I saw that Spring 2022 date thrown in DC Rainmaker’s review, but then saw other statements from Wahoo here where they were “hoping” to have it done before the end of the 2022 season. It would be great if we had an official roadmap.

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Outside ride sync does make sense with the northern hemisphere outside ride season starting in Sprint 2022 so they will certainly try to get it ready until then.

Nowadays almost nobody is still committing to dates and communicating them. Software and their ecosystems and integration has grown so complex that it has gotten really hard to do so.
The communicated timelines probably have a sizeable safety margin calculated into them and hopefully they can surprise us with an earlier release. Or not :wink:

But like you and multiple others mentioned already it would be nice if there would be a list with something akin to a listing of priority, will do, working on, will do later, maybe and rejected features. Or at least a will do list.

Maybe If I am curious enough and find the time I will go through the forum and try to dig up most of the confirmed Features. But the idea exists now for some time and the time is still missing :wink:

I completely agree, as a software developer developer I know the danger of promising deadlines, we only have to look at the streaming issue, people were screaming for all employees to be put on it, if they are doing that (which was totally unexpected) would have pushed any deadline, by weeks


Systm have promised a lot, in the launch announcement, ride history (in the next few weeks), updates to the calendar including drag and drop, data analytics by xmas, outside rides, syncing to devices, this week custom workouts, I am sure that all of this is promised in good faith and is being worked on. and there is the issue of you don’t want your competitors knowing your plans (but you have already promised it the forum / dcrainmaker articles) and getting people to understand that timeline dates are fluid in software development, these things have been promised, and 2 months after being promised new functionality “in coming weeks” I don’t think there have been any notable changes in the Systm, either stop promising stuff, or give some idea of timeline

Rght, off to explain to my boss why the software I promised for last week, won’t be done until tomorrow

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As a software developer you know they already have a list of prioritized user stories and a scrum board where they track what’s being worked on. Just publish that list.