Fat Noob here.........1st time user....need help

I am running out of words to show how thankful I am for your advice.

I will definitely give it a try as I have two more training sessions before the 4DP test.


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Hi everybody!
AT the Moment im looking for a New training app!
I read all the faq, what i didnt find: if you are choosing your training plan, you will see the Nummer of hours, but does that mean included the strength workouts or is it only the riding time?

Greets from Austria!

It shows the total number of hours for the week plus a break down for each activity. Here is week 1 of the 12 week XC mountain bike plan including strength and yoga:


Hope you are progressing well … not sure whether you’ve done your 4DP test yet but if you have I hope it went well. You’ve been given a lot of great advice about level settings (Sir Paulo is spot on, the bike configuration makes a really big difference … I use level 2 for one bike and 3 for the other). I do my 4DP test every other month (in level mode) and then primarily use ERG (or Urgh!) mode in between … as my Kickr copes well with quick changes in power. I do have power smoothing turned on in the app settings as that stops the numbers jumping around all over the place and avoids you “chasing” the right number in vain. As for your fitness and weight loss targets… well 3 years ago I was in the same boat … I won’t repeat my story but at 68KG I am quite literally half the man I was. As others have said, you can’t out train a bad diet so nutrition is key … using an app to track that really helps, and also avoid making rapid changes. I match my nutrition to my training load … which sounds like common sense but it wasnt to start with as I didn’t really know what I needed. A good set of scales that tracks the important metrics is also a good idea (body fat, visceral fat, water %, bone and muscle mass etc.) That way you can measure progress properly rather than focusing on simple kilos … hope this is useful and good luck.


Thank you so much Sir for your encouragement and advice.

Your weight loss experience definitely inspires me.

Just wanna give a big shout of “thank you” to everyone.

Wanna tell all of you a big joke…I finally did my 4DP today…HELL YES…BUT…I forgot that I didn’t charge my laptop…and the whole laptop shut down before I can save my workout…:man_facepalming: so another round of Full Frontal Prep for me…and another round of 4DP next week

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Congratulations on finishing your Full Frontal.
Sorry to hear you were not able to save it.

Please write an email to the minions (suf support), maybe, just maybe, they will be able to recover your data.

If not: That‘s life, I guess. FF is a great workout. :slight_smile: I hope you had „fun“ and collected experience in order to crush it even more the next time. Just make sure you are rested enough.


Your last phrase is a motto to live by.

Dont cry over spilled milk. MOVE ON!!!

I will definitely do the Full Frontal test again. Made a mistake for my 5 min test. I increase my power after 1 min thinking I can go harder. But it was such a such a big mistake. I can only hold it for 1 min before shifting down again. So I doubt the test result will be accurate with that 1 min (big) spike.

My experience: 1) use erg mode during warmup. Shift it to level mode 2 mins before the test. My warmup is kind of all around the graph. Sometimes too high, sometimes too low. 2) Use the wahoo cadence sensor instead of the smart trainer. Somehow my trainer indicates 0RPM sometimes. So I switched it to my cadence sensor. 3) turning off unnecessary data. I keep only the power and cadence data in the graph. I concentrate on my cadence making sure I maintain a consistent RPM.

So I am definitely looking forward the next FF test.


No worries … and good look with attempt two. FYI I am not a Knight … my personal quest to achieve that is still to come.

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Just a quick update.

Messaged the always helpful minion.

Unfortunately, they is no data from their side.

They also recommend me to take a few days rest just to be fresh for the 2nd attempt on the 4DP test.

So, 2 - 3 days off the bike for me!!!

You don’t have to take time off the bike completely if you don’t want to. In fact, it is probably better not to. You could load up the ‘Full Frontal Prep Plan’, and set it to end on the date you want to redo Full Frontal. That will give you some riding, while getting you ready for the 4DP test.

Here’s the screenshot of what I see when I look at that training plan:


Hmmm…I did thought of that…doing the whole prep plan again…

Just wanna seek your opinion…is it better to do the whole prep plan again or just attempt it after 2/3 days of rest since I have already gone through the whole prep plan for my 1st attempt…

thank you so much

You don’t have to do the whole prep plan again. Just set the end date for when you planned to do FF already and it’ll give you just the days between now and your planned test.

Good to keep the legs loose!

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Thank you Honorable Dame for your advice.

Sorry to say but English is not my first language.

Doesn’t quite comprehend the sentence “Just set the end date for when you planned to do FF already”.

Your humble fat sufferfest noob awaits your wisdom.


When you set up a training plan, there’s an option to choose the start date. But you can change that to be “choose the end date” See my screen shots below (apologies, these are taken off my phone rather than my computer, so the layout may be different for you:
The default when applying a plan is to set the “from start” date

Change this in the drop-down to be “from finish” then choose the date when you want to do the Full Frontal test.

If the Full Frontal date you have planned is less than a week away, it’ll only load the workouts that are left in the plan from today until your planned test date


Thank you so much for your clarification and taking the trouble to screenshot for me.

Will do as per your advice.

(Total respect to your status of a Dame. Knowing what you have to do to earn that Damehood. Hats off milady)(and to all fellow knights)

You’re welcome. Happy to help!

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Welcome fatboi, the app can control the resistance of the trainer to match power targets, but for cadence targets you need to adjust your pedalling rate yourself . There is no need to beat yourself up if these targets are too high, or low, your body will adjust over time.

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Thank you so much sir for your advice.

hope my body will adjust (and my size) very very soon.


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Thanks everyone for your kind advice and encouragement.

Finally, I have done my (2nd) 4DP test.

Got flagged for my 1 min power.

But it is a very fun (and very agonising) experience.

As expected, my weakness is sustained.

I have arranged one full month of weakness building block.

Followed with couch to crusher and all purpose road.

Hope I can lose weight and build up my cycling ability.