Fat Noob here.........1st time user....need help

Firstly, welcome to Sufferlandria :slight_smile: as a nation we come in all shapes and sizes and with our own goals so really hope you get out of it what you’re looking for!

As for the numbers, they are indeed targets as opposed to high/low limits. That being said, it’s not essential to be bang on, but ideally with +/-5rpm is usually about right. Where it can be a little less obvious is that some target in general are more important than others. For me, anything with a value in the 85-95rpm range I think of as “do at my normal cadence” and use them more relatively than absolutely i.e. if it goes from 85 to 90, I take that as a small increase from what I was doing. But especially once it goes below 80 or above 100 I try to stick a bit more rigidly to what the target is saying as at the lower and higher ends of the range there’s usually a more specific benefit to the specified cadence.


thank you Honorable Knight for your prompt reply…will take note.

Thank you once again and stay safe!!!

Ride on!!!


Thank you Honorable knight for your warm message. Will keep that in mind and cycle to your recommendation.

Thank you and stay safe!!!

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Welcome - you can never leave.

The sufferfest website has a load of articles about training and the various aspects which will add to what the wise have already said above.

I’ve linked to the one which has some advice on what the focus of different workouts is as a starter, but there’s so much more information there to browse…

Thank you Sir for your link.

This was the post I was referring to in my post.

I will browse through it before all my workouts to help me kick the fats out of my body.

Thank you and stay safe!!!

I think you already got some solid advice from the posters above.

Just wanted to pop in and say: You are here with us. You are doing something. You are already a winner in my book. Now go and be awesome! :slight_smile:

I’m looking forward to reading more from your journey.

If you ever run into trouble, the minions (SUF support) will always have your back. Don’t hesitate to shoot them an email:


Regarding the Full Frontal test (or Half Monty - which might be a “kinder” start to base your Suffering on). Don’t be intimidated by tales of how freaking hard it is, buckets required etc. Just read the info first, do your best and take the results (however"off" they might be) as a good starting point - one you can improve on as time goes on! Good luck. I joined end of 2020 and have enjoyed trying out various videos and the yoga, retested and found I’d improved!


I don’t really have anything to add other than to say good luck and enjoy Sufferfest.

I would agree that it’s easier and less intimidating to start with Half Monty rather than Full Frontal. When I started I used the guesstimate numbers from the on-boarding video then did “Getting Away With It” because I fancied giving it a try, after that I did Half Monty and haven’t looked back since.

It wasn’t particularly my intention to lose weight but I have lost over 5Kg since starting so it’s certainly possible!

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Thank you so much Kind Sir for your kind words.

All of you who took time to read my post are winner and Honorable (Jedi) Knights in my book.

Thank you so much once again…and stay safe!!!

Thank you so much for sharing your experience…I am now doing the recommended plan for the 4DP test.

Like you, this is my first time doing Yoga after subscribing to sufferfest.

Hope I can improve to just like you.

Thank you so much and stay safe

Thank you so much…your 5kg loss will be my inspiration. will be happy if I lose even 1kg.

Thank you and stay safe

:laughing: no need to go all formal on us.

In the past I was about 30kg heavier than now, still about 15 away from goal, but that is a whole other story, this to say I can relate.

Main focus needs to be about nutrition.
Exercise makes you feel good, and helps motivation and health in general, but regarding weight there is no way to outtrain a bad diet.

Regarding the Sufferfest it is to me a brilliant exercise program, I highly recommend the strength and yoga programs. (strength also helps a lot with metabolism and weight).

Regarding on bike exercise, not sure how heavy you are, but from experience that can create some issues, chaffing, foot issues, some adjustments to “normal” bike fit on contact points needed. So don’t need to go overboard with suffering just yet.
Testing is a good thing as mentioned, to know your zones, how hard you should push, and also to track improvement. Best gains come when it is not too hard, no point in doing more than you can recover from.

You will probably see big improvements and fast, so that is also motivating !

Keep us posted on the progress !


I’d like to pop in to encourage you to not worry so much about the “fat” part. I have a buddy who’s fat. His wife is fat. His kids are fat. Simply put, they’re genetically optimized for cold-weather living. He’s a Boston qualifier, she’s a long-haul hiker, and the kids are demons on the hockey rink. As a family, they’re fitter than 95% of the families I know.

I encourage you to focus on getting fit. Maybe you’ll get thin, maybe you won’t: a big part of that is genetic. Either way, you’ll feel better, look better, and Suffer better for the work you log today.


Thank you sir for your wise words.

Keeping fit is definitely my goal this year. Quite sure with the suggestion from you and the other knights will help me achieve it.

Thank you and stay safe.

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Think I already taking a big step towards my goal from your encouragement.

Hope I can post some good news in the new future.

Thank you :wink:

(Sorry to bother you with another question. I am using currently using the Wahoo Kickr Core. just wanna ask which level should I set for the 4DP test. Thank you)

People here love to answer, so all questions are welcome.

It will depend on the gearing you have on the bike, and what your power output is…

I would say stick it in 2 or 3 and see if you are somewhere in the middle of the cassette.

If you need to be in the easiest gears to be comfortable, reduce level.
If you need to be big ring, hard gears, increase level.

Usually 2 or 3 works, except for the sprints… That might require more.

But it is up to each one, and the bike gearing. If you need to be in 1 or 7 … All good the same. Whatever works.

I am running out of words to show how thankful I am for your advice.

I will definitely give it a try as I have two more training sessions before the 4DP test.


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Hi everybody!
AT the Moment im looking for a New training app!
I read all the faq, what i didnt find: if you are choosing your training plan, you will see the Nummer of hours, but does that mean included the strength workouts or is it only the riding time?

Greets from Austria!

It shows the total number of hours for the week plus a break down for each activity. Here is week 1 of the 12 week XC mountain bike plan including strength and yoga:


Hope you are progressing well … not sure whether you’ve done your 4DP test yet but if you have I hope it went well. You’ve been given a lot of great advice about level settings (Sir Paulo is spot on, the bike configuration makes a really big difference … I use level 2 for one bike and 3 for the other). I do my 4DP test every other month (in level mode) and then primarily use ERG (or Urgh!) mode in between … as my Kickr copes well with quick changes in power. I do have power smoothing turned on in the app settings as that stops the numbers jumping around all over the place and avoids you “chasing” the right number in vain. As for your fitness and weight loss targets… well 3 years ago I was in the same boat … I won’t repeat my story but at 68KG I am quite literally half the man I was. As others have said, you can’t out train a bad diet so nutrition is key … using an app to track that really helps, and also avoid making rapid changes. I match my nutrition to my training load … which sounds like common sense but it wasnt to start with as I didn’t really know what I needed. A good set of scales that tracks the important metrics is also a good idea (body fat, visceral fat, water %, bone and muscle mass etc.) That way you can measure progress properly rather than focusing on simple kilos … hope this is useful and good luck.