Favourite Gear - Elemnt CA

Does anyone know where the favourite gear is derived from that is recorded in the Companion App? And how/where to change/correct it?

Been fortunate to get a replacement insurance claim bike that comes with the XPLR 10-44 group set, with a 40t chainring.

And what does the numbers for Front and Rear pertain to?

Unsure where the 32x14 stems from.

MTB swaps between 34-36-38t chainrings and has no PM. Also was used for this ride in the recording above.

It’s configured in the Elemnt application, specifically on the sensors screen. You choose the paired shifting sensor and then “Gear Ratio Setup”. You configure it with the gearing for your bike. The “Front” and Rear" pertain to how many times you shifted. Since your front gear change was 1, then it’s a 1x setup. For rear it means you shifted 154 times.

The favorite is the gear you spent the most time in, which once your Gear Ratio Setup is correct should reflect reality.

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Some electronic shifters feed data to the ELMNT. The “favorite gear” is the gear you spent the most time in on the ride. If the numbers don’t make sense, that’s because the cassette and chainring sizes aren’t set correctly in the sensor’s settings. Next time you ride, find the sensor for the derailleur in the app and change the tooth settings to make them right.


Thanks @jcolp @AkaPete

I knew what the numbers all stood for but didn’t know from where they were stored/changed.

I assume when I change my XPLR cassette (10-44) I will need to custom change the gearing in the App to meet the new gearing (9-46) on the cassette going in being used by the same deraileur, as it’s the deraileur ID that emits/records what gearing is used. And similarly when I change the chainring.

And that when I install an AXS GX deraileur for sole use for the 9-46 cassette, ensuring the cassette gearing and deraileur pairing is tied to one ano th etc and then selected in the App when out into use.

I know I am stating the obvious. I think :grimacing:

Correct on both.

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Just reading this thread since I wondered about the favorite gear as well.

My gear ratio section is setup correctly, I just checked. The favorite gear does not make sense. My gearing is 50/34 x 11-28. My favorite gear on a ride where I didn’t even use the small ring is 34x12.

Maybe the Wahoo app has big and small ring reversed?