Roam SRAM AXS Discrepancy

Any one here understand why the Elemnt CA would show a discrepancy between the Roam headunit recording and the SRAM AXS recording of the gear usage and number of shifts?

The favourite gear option is the most confusing looking at the time spent in the gears. Does anyone know if one pauses a ride, ie for a coffee stop, would the recording of time spent in a gear still be recording for the AXS purposes?

Is the 4-5% difference in gear shifts an acceptable standard? I would think not.

I don’t know why the gear shift count is different - they should both be operating on the same underlying data. As for time spent, I know SRAM AXS is total time and not moving time. Wahoo may just be moving time which causes the favorite gear difference.

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Here’s a ride of this past weekend.
Deraileur and cassette correctly synced/paired/recorded with each hardware.

Why would Roam read from AXS recording I assume, that favourite gear is 40x39 when neither time nor max power ia the highest recorded in that gear?