[Feature Request] Auto lap on summit

Since I never ride in circles, I use the ‘lap’ feature to pace my efforts on the climbs. Since you already detect the climbs automatically, it would be useful to automatically start a new lap when the ‘summit climb’ starts.

Another option is to add “summit average” fields in the “summit” page - “summit average power”, “summit average normalized power”, “summit average HR”. But I think this will be more difficult to implement.
By resetting the lap I can reuse the existing “lap average” fields.


100% agree!

absolutely agree

It must be said that in the 2 climbing pages, it is not even possible to create a lap by pressing the button.

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I don’t even understand what the point of this feature is if you can’t see your performance on the climb.

I was going to make a post about this, but seems like somebody already did.
I found extremely annoying that the LAP button disappears on certain pages.
It’s a time critical function, I cannot be expected to scroll a couple pages to go find the LAP button again.
For the auto detection of climbs would also make perfect sense to automatically mark a LAP.