Feature request/Bug report: Add a way to save workout settings

Whenever I start a new workout, some of my workout settings get reset every time, eg sound/music volume, the kickr bike gradient control gets re-locked, the speed sensor of the kickr bike gets disabled and the SYSTM internal one is selected, and so on. I think most SYSTM users tend to use the same settings from workout to workout and it would be great not having to readjust them every day.

Another (probably minor use case) problem are workouts that are started just before midnight. If the workouts continues over the 12 am mark, then it is sometimes duplicated on both days after completion in the calendar. Sometimes the duplication disappears again and sometimes the two workouts persist.


Yes it’s quite annoying. I always have to check if my dedicated cadence sensor is selected and not the inferior one from my KICKR.
I don’t know it is also still with SYSTM but when I started a video with Sufferfest and power the ANT+ sensor too late I have to remove it and pair it again to get it working. Or restart the session. Once the Device not found Popup was displayed it was too late. I will test this on my next workout.