Workout descriptions more science please

I really enjoy the work out descriptions. I know there are books like training and racing with a power meter which I’ve read before. Is it possible to have more science in the work out descriptions and plans.

Even if it is something thing a bit generic like in the coaches notes:

Like today the coaches have reduced the intensity to zone 2/3. We are working on your endurance weakness today.

I’m really trying to get a better understanding of the work out selections and the plan structure.


This sounds like a great idea! Also, fuelling advice would be useful. I know there is a separate guide on recommended fuelling on the bike per workout, but having this incorporated into the description would be great!


I think this would be a good idea, especially on reduced intensity workouts, as it’s not uncommon to find people commenting that reduced intensity workouts felt too easy so the upped the intensity again.

I like the idea of adding nutritional information to the workouts and/or to the training plans. Like a short recommendation at the beginning of the week or so…


I agree fuelling help especially for the longer rides would be helpful.

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