Feature request: Simulated real world experience (Duplicate)

(Duplicate of: Sim mode workouts?)

Having a ‘smart’ Home Trainer, able to simulate steep ‘slopes’ / inclines / percentages, I’d love to be able to test myself on a simulated mountain before heading to the Alps later this year.
I’m sure some other users feel the same way. I’d even be happy to pay a bit more for this feature, so people with smart trainers who prefer this experience (if just as a change of pace), could do that.
For my 2 cents it wouldn’t have to be perfect from the get go (registering weight and inclines to deliver the perfect simulated resistance), but any version (if just enforcing ‘Level’ adjustments on the fly instead of users having to do it manually), would be sufficient and you could improve from there when seeing user feedback and how much it’s used.

@DameLisa answered me the feature is not available (yet?) as I asked how to, and as @SSaldanha says he uses three different system to cover all he wants. I believe there’s most def. a need for someone to deliver this feature as well.

While I fully appreciate SYSTM’s main goal is not to create the real world experience of climbing a mountain and instead it focuses on optimizing the training itself, I do want to try this feature request to check if more people would like the same option.

FYI there’s a related (I think) discussion/feature request here…


Yeah. There are other platforms that have it now. I was doing sim mode 10 years ago on a Computrainer. Check out DCRainmaker’s website for reviews of the various apps. I think they all give a free month trial. Choose which you like and go month-month until your Alps trip.


Thanks James. Will mark this as a duplicate.