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New App changes


I can I forgive rushing out a new app and using your paying customers to debug an MVP, well almost.

I can put up with ‘SYSTM’ instead of ‘SuffR’ and a dull vanilla app as a starter, which will improve over time.

My suffering is now having to live with the following changes:

  • the dumbing down of the IF
  • the dumbing down of the Intros
  • The ‘Big Mountain’
  • The bleaching out of all things ‘Suffering’

Like many I was prepared to sign in blood to “Sufferlandria, a place you can never leave” …. but wtf, it turns out it can leave you!

I do get it’s in there, but the suppression is significant, like there’s an intention to hide it, which just feels suspicious (feels wrong).

I just hope hope once the launch noise abates; the debugging’s done; you’ve added back popular features lost and maybe add a few more …. I hope you can roll back on the cultural glory of Sufferfest which has been overly culled imo.

Please :pray:t2:?

You guys quite brilliantly curated some special sauce there, over time, with all those touch points. That’s super hard to achieve, which other far bigger brands would kill for, and in so doing you created an Apple’esk loyalty amongst your followers, a significant proportion of whom are now clearly hurting.

For me, it just feels like you are spilling too much of that special sauce here, with all this. I hope not too much.

Whether you do or not I will always be a ‘Sufferlandrian’ at heart, but I will never ever be a ‘Wahooligan’ - a word that I submit is arguably MORE offensive and off-putting :face_vomiting:


Mmm. I have doubts about being a Wahooligan too. A sufferlandrian sounds harmless in comparison


What? We have more mountains to climb?
Because, I hope you’re not saying there will be no more lava snow :frowning_face:

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The changes to the app have made it a much better training tool and I love all the additions but they have not been included in the IWBMATTKYT culture that has bleeding eyes while being chased by lazer goats.

As I was discussing on a Facebook post I really feel like there has been a dilution of the culture of what it is to be a Sufferliandrian.


I’m going to straight up copy and paste my response to this from the other thread where it’s already been posted

I need to take fairly significant issue with this…
The reasoning has been explained by Sir Neal.
Now, I’m ready to accept that you might know more than him about sports science and if so I will retract this post entirely, but… Assuming you’re not actually a professional cycling coach or sports scientist then I don’t think we’re in a position to call it “dumbing down” if he feels that certain sessions weren’t actually achieving what they were designed to do and needed to be modified.
Frankly, if he has identified an issue with them and chose not to change them just to keep them “hard” then that would be very much “dumbing up

As for “big mountain”, I think they should have just found a new term entirely, but I can accept the removal of “Mount Sufferlandria” because the MTP now sits outside the Sufferfest library and it just sounds like utter nonsense if you’ve come into it from any of the other angles now available on SYSTM.

I think we owe Sir @David.McQuillen.KoS the absolute benefit of the doubt here, if it weren’t for him then we wouldn’t have ever had a Sufferfest in the first place and for so long as he says “I still believe in my product and that I am in a position to keep the Sufferfest aspect the way I want and envisioned it” then we should stand behind him in that.
Yes, we may feel invested in it, but it was his baby long before it was any of ours.


It doesn’t feel like the old Sufferfest is belonging to this wahoo idea…in my view it should have been kept separately. Like this it just feels like only a matter of time that more of the videos are going to be edited to not confuse the already so intimidated new users. I m somehow disappointing as I really thought Wahoo and Sufferfest would go a different direction than all the other competitors. How is the saying? Now it is just one more of the same…However I stay subscribed as long as there are still some Suf videos left to enjoy.

And I mentioned it already in another post…why the hell is Abi not on the Yoga section picture???
In my head: without Abi there wouldn’t be yoga for me…
Nothing personal against the dude who is on there but Yoga=Abi and thats it!


Am I the only one who thinks that this app will lead to an increase (not decrease) in sufferlandrians??
Anyone new will look around the app and try everything…
They will LOVE the Suf vids (as we have) and be hooked.
No question.
All hail Sufferfest. Long live Sufferfest. :muscle:


I suspect this was all part of the plan to infiltrate Couchlandria without a forcible conscription approach


Hey there,

I must say I love the new syst(e)m.
I need a science based training platform that I trust and that makes fun.
This was with Sufferfest and is now even better with systm.
The sufferfest videos make fun, but I dot neeed the story about Sufferlandria. I have also never called me a Sufferlandrian. I am just a road bike rider that trains a lot.
Therefore, the new systm matches my needs better than the old Sufferfest.
Additionally, I had negative feelings with the flag and its colors, especially when talking about a nation.

To conclude, I am very happy about systm and I am really looking forward to the Indoor/winter season and the coming updates.