FF 4DP Tactics?

Not gonna lie…I HATE that test. Honestly, epic suffering aside, does ANYONE enjoy FF? I question your sanity.


I’m the same on taking breaks. If it takes me a little longer, but I do the whole thing, I feel better than if I turn it down. This was revalidated recently by rereading a Wahoo blog – I can’t find it now but essentially it says if the workout feels too tough, first try taking a little longer recovery, next skip an interval, and if you still need to, reduce the intensity.

Plus when I look back at the history of doing a workout, I can see the progress I have made in terms of number of ‘cracks’ as I call them. I love seeing that.

Here’s the first time I did Who Dares, one of my very first workoutswhen I started Sufferfest

And this was about a year and a half later – interestingly, the bit circled in blue, I thought I was dying, turned intensity it down to 95%, and after 30 seconds was like ‘no, i actually still have plenty in my legs’ – I just needed the break where I got off the bike and changed intensity. I turned it back up to 100% and finished.


I’ve seen all the video during FF! They even updated it this year! Last year it said 3T 90mm, this year it’s just the Bontrager logo. Kinda plain but the minions must know best!



And sweaty, too…

I put my targets on post-it notes, one on the bike stem and one on the floor!

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I don’t think inflated TSS and IF numbers are indicative of a good FF test.

I base it purely on my own experience, no science or studies, so I could be wrong.

Case in point, numbers from June 2020 and Oct 2022 see screenshots. Massive difference in TSS and IF between the two. The proposed FF TSS and IF is 80 and 0.9. The 2022 numbers which are more in line with what is proposed produced the better test results.

The 2022 test has increases of 9% FTP, 10% MAP, 19% AC and 24% NM improvements over the 2020 test results. 6 FF tests between these two.

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