FF today

Did my usual extra warm up.

The figures are
Nm 719 (+17)
Ac 329 (-20)
Map 253 (-3)
FTP 208 (+1)

Now I am not good a delivering a sprint, I have been over 740, but inconsistent.
I slightly cocked up the MAP, overdoing it before temporarily stopping and restarting. Reckon I could do 258, was trying to keep to 259-261 .

The Ac was a little disappointing, thought that though inevitably dying at the end of the minute I kept it going well, but sure I could do better

I am still a rouleur though my weakness is now VO2.

I used to do the all purpose road plan (intermediate) with strength, but last time switched to the hilly grand Fondo plan. It was better though I want only one outdoor ride.
However now gone for the 100 mile plan for next week. All at intermediate with intermediate strength 1-3.

I got fed up with the general road plan due to the excessive number of cadence drills.

I am 68, the biggest increase in my numbers was doing the Tour of Suf plans and the Tour

I have no real targets apart from doing an occasional century, one this year, first for two years. Just ejiying keeping fit and riding at a good speed


And you absolutely will. The nice thing about finishing Full Frontal is knowing that there is always a next time. We learn, we train and we improve.

At the end of the day, all these are just numbers.
Did you have fun during your last plan? You should always choose what gives you the most enjoyment.

And, forgive me when saying this, you are 68 and have these numbers?! You Sir, are damn impressive!


Yes aim is to enjoy it, which I mostly do apart from 9hammers


Well done, @Stonechat!

You’ve done your homework and have identified opportunities to improve upon for the next one.

Keep up the great work :sunglasses:

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Dreaming here of having those numbers at 68. Respect Sir.

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