Today's FF Report

My initial plan was to do the FF on 04/10 a day earlier because it was my birthday (good a reason as any right?). But the Minions thought otherwise yesterday morning so plan B was up a nice slow run.

Happy with results with nice gains across the board with the exception of FTP which remained unchanged. In thinking about that aspect, my sense is better & more consistent power pacing in the 1st 10" would have brought some change. Experience in doing FF is really key. My profile changed to Pursuiter from all-round which I found interesting.

This week will be some easy rides before a new plan moving from Road to perhaps Grand Fondo or Century.

Liked the two walk breaks, an alert like in theaters to return at say 15 secs would be cool.

Looking to the recovery Yoga, doing How did go exercise, and maybe a new Cuore kit.


Aren’t you the lead singer for REO Speedwagon?

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ah! about the same age; we live not too far from each other on FL’s West Coast, but no I’m not him