Filter Videos by “Downloaded”

Used to be able to filter by downloaded, so I could see which videos I had set up for that week. And then additionally, nice to then be able to filter downloaded so I can delete them after the workout.


Coming soon to an update near you - if I’m remembering the latest beta notes properly. There’s honestly so much being worked on the updates and features sections are turning into essays.

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Is there a list somewhere we can see of what is coming and roughly when ? I know they don’t like to commit to dates but I’d really like to know when some basic previous features are returning. Top frustration for me is not having any flag in the App for workouts I’ve done previously which I need to search for Inspiration rides I’ve not done before. If it is coming soon great - if not I’ll need to create a big long list to tick off the workouts.

I can’t divulge what’s in the works. Signed a NDA.

Just hang in there. Insane amount of stuff in the works.

thanks for the awesome information.