Finished Blender- calendar says sync pending

So I finished Blender as part of the ToS plan today, but the calendar says sync pending.

What am I supposed to do? It’s been at least an hour that it has been in this mode.

Is my ride lost?

I always have the ride sent to my email as well and have not gotten it either.

Thanks in advance for your help!

It’s probably not lost. Sometimes quitting the app and opening it again helps. (I’ve never lost a pending workout by doing that and sometimes it seems to help things along.)

While Blender sync’d okay for me today, it didn’t sync to Strava. I’m wondering if the concentrated demand for ToS prep workouts is causing problems for Wahoo. If it is, they should fix it and get better at anticipating such things. I’ve also had trouble downloading and streaming ToS prep workouts on the day, although other videos (and off day ToS videos) work fine.

I had one stick for a while I even closed the app in the end but then when opening it up again it said workout recovered and it was green in my calendar

It happened to me on Stars and Water Carriers. Still hasn’t synced from last night despite closing the app and reopening. I hope it does sync. The last time it happened was on nine hammers and even though it synyced it has not shown as completed on any of the award pages it appears on :frowning: