Half Monty low figures

Just completed a Half Monty halfway through a training plan. Was expecting the results to have improved a little since my last one in Sep 20 given that i’ve been finding the workouts getting easier. With my Sep numbers, I was just about able to complete Int 4 of AVDP (i normally use that as an indication of good numbers!) and I completed Revolver last week, hitting all the tgts and it felt ok…

Half Monty today also felt ok, I was well rested and fed, etc, but the results suggested that I reduce my MAP by 7W and my FTP by 19W. Given the way that i’m feeling during the workouts, i think that that would be crazy, so what’s caused such a big error? LTHR was the same in each test.

Having looked at the Sep test, i noticed that i had an ANT+ dropout towards the end of the sustained effort, which i’m sure didn’t help? The connections did re-establish but there was a gap in the data.

That said, if i’m finding the workouts achievable (just), aren’t my numbers about right?

Any thoughts? Obviously, the best way forward is FF but i’m not keen to disrupt the Plan at this time.

Any ideas?

It’s possible you were not having a great day (for whatever reason) when you did HM, even though it felt OK and you did everything right in the leadup to it. Personally, if I was in your position, I would stick with the old numbers, especially based on how you’re finding the workouts.


Yes, that’s what I thought… wondered also whether the trainer hadn’t warmed up properly (compared to last time i tested). My curiosity was over the small drop in MAP vs large drop in FTP. I would have expected them to be proportional…?

I don’t think they have to be proportional, although I don’t know (I’m not a coach, or exercise physiologist) how fixed a given person’s MAP/FTP ratio is.

I also don’t know what the typical error size is in the test results, but most power meters are only accurate to +/- 2%, so it’s hard to read too much into the exact numbers when they are relatively small like these.