First KoS attempt in november

Well done Sir Tim!

Sometimes it’s better to not know what’s coming your way.


Congrats Sir Tim!

Pull up a chair:

or have a wee lie down. You’ve earned it.
SufferKing Mattress


Thanks guys.

Found a little problem with the upload to Garmin, after 3 uploads Garmin won’t accept any more uploads from SYSTM. It’s not the end of the world, I upload the .fit files manually but it seems like something that could get fixed.

I’ve also combined the .fit files into 1 large file and imported that into Golden Cheetah:
2021-11-11 17_51_30-Window

This would be a serious ride outside too :smiley:

Pretty proud of this actually.


criteria fulfilled :slight_smile: Don’t forget to fill out the “paperwork”.


Awesome job. Congratulations.

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First thing I did (after a shower and cleaning of the sweat from the bike :smiley: )


You gotta bottle that S&#¥



Well done! You finished all 10 and it definitely sounds like you properly suffered. Congrats!

I always read recommendations to have multiple bibs/chamois available. I had extra sitting by, as well. But I rode my attempt all in the same bibs, as well. It’s like the chamois cream works its way in and you just get comfy and become one with your chamois. haha! lol

Looks like Sir @Glen.Coutts has brought you a recovery chair while the minions get your accommodations ready in the castle. Well, done, sir!



A true Sufferlandrian Quest. Huge congratulations. You have to do it to understand just how mentally and physically brutal it is. Very well done Sir Tim :dagger:


Mentally it was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. It would be so easy to just stop, you don’t have to get home, you’re already there.

When I did La Mamotte for the first time, we had a hotel at the top of Alpe d’Huez, so I had to get there.
Same for LBL, the car was in Liège at the start/finish so I had to complete the ride to get to the car.

Yesterday, I could just whenever I wanted, I’ve contemplated it several times, until I just stopped thinking and got on with it :wink:

I was happy not to have had any mechanical problems and just a slight electronics problem: the Tickr chest strap didn’t always work (sometimes it thought I sat on the couch dropping the heartrate to well below 100, sometimes just disconnecting for some time)
The Tickr really isn’t good, it replaced a Garmin chest strap last year but has always giving me problems (under-measuring my heartrate, battery drain, not connecting)
It’s so bad I don’t use it anymore outside (replaced with a new Garmin unit) but I hate trowing away things that stil work (sort-of)

The badge in the app is already there:
2021-11-12 10_50_38-Window

Now I’m awaiting my title here on the forum :grin:


Congratulations, sir. Glory, honor, and victory are yours!

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Funnily enough, the only real technical glitch I had in my KOS attempt last year was my Tickr, as well. This year I bought a TickrX duing the TOS in Feb. It still has some disconnection issues, but it has more than just the 1 channel and seems to connect better and stay connected better. Still has some random issues, but seems to do better than the basic Tickr. And that can also depend on what else you have in your pain cave. I got ride of my BT keyboard and only sometimes use by BT headphones. Seems to help by having as little interference as possible.

I’ve had these problems on outside rides too (just once a month or so for the dropouts, too low heartrate a bit more frequent), connected via ANT+ to a Garmin 530.

Got a Garmin strap beginning of summer and no more problems. So I won’t be buying an extra Tickr anytime soon.


Robert Gesink’s name is spelled wrong at least once)

Typo patrol active whilst storming …. heh, there should be a separate badge for that! :rofl:


Received my certificate today, I’ll have to print it out and laminate it, stick on the livingroom wall for everyone to enjoy :grin:


Congratulations Sir Tim!

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