KOS plan week 1

So it’s the end of week 1 of a four week plan for KOS attempt.
Yesterday was Fight Club then Who Dares and today brought Violator, Hell Hath No Fury then GOAT. I was strict at monitoring the clock to ensure 10 mins in between each ride. I’d never completed Violator before and was horrified when i saw it on the plan, it’s one I’ve avoided! One word - HIDEOUS :nauseated_face: I knew I’d struggle to hit the targets on the 5 sec intervals so just went as hard as I could regardless. It was a relief to start HHNF which had programmed in a slight reduction in % intensity. Then it was back to :100: % for GOAT, wow 2 mins @ 50 RPM after all that was tough. Someone tell me how 7 more rides is even possible?? :joy:


When you ride your KOS attempt, YOU are the one in charge of picking the intensity of your workouts. You will not being doing GOAT or any other workout at 100% at the end of your attempt. :slight_smile:


Also, just to add a little bit more assurance. The workouts in the KOS Training plan are much higher intensity than you or most people will ride their workouts during their KOS attempt. I believe (going from memory, here), I rode my workouts at 80%, 80%, 80%, 75%, 75%, 75%, 75%, 70%, 65%, 80%. A number of the efforts in the training plan were still at 90% or above. Your only real directive is to suffer. And no matter what intensities you choose, you WILL suffer. :grin:


I did my entire KoS at 70%, based on recent Full Frontal numbers.

For the KoS Prep Plan, if you get back-to-back workouts, feel free to adjust the levels yourself. I seem to recall I had to do that from some of the longer sessions as the levels set in the plan weren’t achievable for me.


Good luck with challenge . I’m glad I am not the only one that struggles with Violator . Bugged out twice on it. Even prefer Revolver to it

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