KoS attempt and New here!

Just thought I’d make the announcement, shamelessly leave my fundraising link and start a thread to post the info in case anyone is interested.

Looking forward to see how difficult it is compared to my usual Dirty Reiver pilgrimage. :smiley:


It’s definitely a fun time :wink: Have you settled on your menu of suffering yet @moth?


Doing my list tonight… ready for the weekend.

Am I prepared… no!

Am I going to stubbornly do it anyway… yes :smiley:


Welcome @moth !

I like your style: first post on the forum is a KoS announcement! :slight_smile:



So, I think I’m going to do this, order and selection is partly preference, partly to get a mix of length and type, and partly arbitrary as I looked at it too much and got bored of trying to apply logic.


I put The Omnium at #7 on my list, and it nearly broke me - there are some big pulls there. You may want to ride it earlier in your quest, when you have more strength in your legs.

Here’s a sorted view - how unprofessional of me to show it all cluttered like that
(I’m not doing the Omnium at all :wink: )



I like your list, particularly Butter and 14 VGs and of course ending on GOAT!

HHNF and Defender? Bold.

What is the “Dirty Reiver” pilgrimage. I am hesitant to google such a phrase:)

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Good work mate, fingers crossed for u! Main thing is to get the fuelling dialled in, then its just about gritting it through! Look forward to hearing ur tale of sufferance…ah the perverse nature of the cyclist!

@Wogrady yea, I did wonder about those two, but thought I’d chuck in a couple of challenging ones.

Dirty Reiver link, to save your browser history: https://dirtyreiver.co.uk/
200k of Kielder gravel. :slight_smile:

@TBone - thanks. I’m fairly used to endurance efforts, so not too worried about the fueling, I have tried and tested strategy, and indoors I don’t even have to carry it, so its a case of dig in and get on with it…


Twitch live right now!

On 9 of 10 and not feeling too bad :slight_smile:


Awesome! You can do anything!

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all done!

Forgot to save the bloody twitch vod after all that (not that it makes particularly interesting re watching :smiley: ) but would have been good for the proof.

I ran the vids at a range of 65% to 100% (at the end for GOAT) and I have to admit, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it was going to be.

I’m weird and I don’t sweat that much - so costume changes were minimal! But I prepped a bunch of extra socks anyway.

I do a fair amount of endurance stuff, so got my fueling bang on - was really happy with that.

Biggest issue for me was keeping my heart rate in the right range - normally on a big day out in the saddle you can pace yourself, even with hard terrain you can take it at your own level.
Having to hit certain stats at certain times over a long period was unusual and hard for me, so I had to tweak the resistance a couple of times to get back in a good place. I really noticed this in hell hath no fury at video 8.

Overall had an awesome day, raised a decent amount of pennies for charity and did a thing when I should have been in the forest doing a gravel ride - win win win!


@moth Congrats on your achievement! From your email it sounds like you had a great day!

Boom! In the bag, nice work👍

I also had a game plan similar to what you’ve shown. What I found was that I modified a bit as I went depending more on my mental state. I needed to mix things up a bit to get me something different to focus on. I was successful in the end partly because of my strategy but mainly I was afraid Grunter and the Laser Goats would get me.