First KoS attempt in november

I’m planning a KoS-attempt in november (probably the 11th, depending on my child’s needs that day :grin: )

My playlist:
The Downward Spiral
There Is No Try
A Very Dark Place
The Rookie
The Wretched
The Best Thing in the World
The Hunted
Do As You’re Told
GOAT (if I’m still feeling fresh, I might replace this one with “It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time”)

That would put me at a bit above 8hours on the bike (or an hour more if I do ISLAGIATT)

I hope my ass keeps it together long enough :joy:

I’ve been adding the videos to the calendar but appears they get added alphabetically, so it’s possible I change the order on the fly (the first one is fixed on A downward spiral though)

It will be one of the last sessions on the current Neobike since it’ll get replaced under warranty (resistance unit is noisy, know problem and it will fail eventually, hopefully not during the KoS-attempt)

I’ll post on Strava and maybe something on Facebook too (if I remember the password for my account, since Covid started I found the nonsense on there so stressing, I stopped with it altogether)


Nice menu, except for The Rookie, The Wretched, The Best Thing in the World and the Hunted, lol.

Here is to hoping your bike survives the horrors ahead.



Good playlist.

But, I think it’s mandatory that you need to end with Violator at 100%, right?




You are going to CRUSH IT!!

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Very nice playlist. Keep “GOAT” in it. That’s my favorite :wink:

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No, I don’t think so :joy: :joy: :face_vomiting:


You’ll crush it!! post your results


Good luck. CRUSH IT!

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What will your approach be to workout intensity? I also love GOAT - but given the low cadence and how fried your muscles may be after 9 workouts, I think it would be really challenging to make the cadence targets (I guess that’s not really a requirement, though it’s sort of the point of the workout).


For sure, I’ll post the results :grin:

I think I’m going to start at 80% and see how it goes.

I don’t really have any problems with low cadence (La Redoute in the full LBL or La Planche on the end of Les 3 Ballons never gives me problems), so I think (hope) I’ll be okay. I’ll definitely will try to do as I’m told during GOAT :joy:


I’m starting at 80% as well and will work down if/as necessary.


Completely ready for my attempt tomorrow.

Did Tapers on Monday and Primers today, body and legs feel great.

I think my shape won’t be the problem, I’m a little worried about my bottom and about the mental aspect. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

Food and drink strategy are ready. I’ll get up at 6AM, have some breakfast, hopefully go to the toilet :grimacing: and get riding at 7AM.

I’ll start at 80% and hope I don’t have to scale down from that.

Fan is ready and I think I’ll put on the aircon as well to dry the air so it doesn’t get to damp.


Good luck!

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Best of luck!!!

I do plan on giving it a go, likely in 2022. Unlike you, my shape is currently a problem. And yet, now that I think about it, round is a shape!


Happy suffering!

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Suffer courageously!

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I’ve made it, barely but I’ve made it.

I seriously underestimated this.

I started out at 80%, went al well and peachy until the 5th video (The Rookie). It killed me completely.
Right leg cramped up incredibly hard. Had to stop peddling to hit my leg, after a couple seconds I could continue but no longer at 80%.

Details aren’t 100% clear anymore, the suffering was too great to remember everything correctly.

I know I did sessions 6+7 at 70% and then cracked again in session 8 (The Hunted), it was just too long and hard (and really needs a revamp, footage quality isn’t up-to-date anymore, sound effects are out of sync and Robert Gesink’s name is spelled wrong at least once)
I then did the rest of 8 and 9 at 55% to be able to finish strong at 65% with G.O.A.T (with lower cadance targets)
So yes I ended with G.O.A.T., no idea why I thought it would’ve been possible to end with a longer session.

I had enough food and drink:

and also ate enough of it:

I had some spare clothes but only changed my baselayer a couple of times.
I was very comfortable in my bibs, used a lot of Nivea (standard blue pot) as chamois cream (I’m pretty sensitive to all sorts of things and Nivea really does it for me) so I didn’t want to change bibs and risking getting les comfortable. I have had no problems with chafing and my butt is still in pristine condition :smiley: (my sitbones do hurt a bit, but not as much as my legs)

I’m happy I’ve made it but wil never ever do it again.

Links to my Strava:


Congratulations, Sir Tim. Impressive assault.

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