Planning my first KoS, need help with selection please

My biggest plan in cycling this year is to complete the KoS as it’s the craziest idea I’ve ever heard.

I’ve been planning out rides, created a spreadsheet with all the info, graphs etc., but I’m still not entirely sure how to pick my 10 videos.

According to my 4DP profile, I’m an Attacker with Repeated strength and Sustained weakness.

Should I then pick most of the videos that line up with that? Or is it better to mix it up, even if some of the parts won’t play into my strength?

My current selection is based on minimizing FTP videos and maximizing AC/MAP:

  • 14 Vise Grips
  • The Downward Spiral
  • Violator
  • There Is No Try
  • Revolver
  • A Very Dark Place
  • The Omnium
  • Do As You’re Told
  • Rue The Day
  • GOAT

The order was mostly based on the idea of doing longer rides at the beginning when I’m still fresh, and then finishing off with shorter ones. Another idea I had was alternating high TSS/IF rides with lower ones, so that I can get a bit of “rest” in between.

Any suggestions on improving the above thought process are highly valued, thank you!


just a handful of suggestions, but keep in mind there’s no “right” or “wrong” order of rides as long as you complete all ten workouts, suffer sufficiently, and are proud of your achievement once you enter The Castle :european_castle:)

  1. starting with longer workouts is a good idea, but also try to find an order that suits you.

  2. halfway through doesn’t mean your halfway there, the mental challenge starts around no.7 so be sure you plan a ride the that you really like, something that truly motivates you.

  3. place rides with shorter intervalls towards the end (8-10), I would move Violator quite some way back as it tends to be a real energy sucker, or replace it with something slightly less gruelling (but that also is a matter of choice)

  4. while you prep, try different combinations of videos to find out what really works for you, like do the first two to three workouts in a row with minimal or even no breaks, start the next long session with the last video of the previous long session to get a feel for the changes from one workout to the next.

  5. I also suggest at least one long training session with four to five videos, if at that point you’re already pretty sure about the riding order for your quest, challenge the mental side with a row of sustained effort videos (e.g. It Seemed Like Thin Air) plus HHNF or Cobbler)

5a. get a bucket, you might need one :wink:


Good (aka AWFUL) list.

@IsiSchneider_KoS suggestions are solid. I would especially pay attention to #3. One other would be to look at the warm up and cool down lengths on each end of the rides. It may sound silly but a ride with a short cool down followed by a ride with a short warm up, even after a short break, can put you in a bad spot.

Stay strong and Crush It!


Brilliant! I always love to see someone new step up to challenge themselves with a knighthood quest.

@IsiSchneider_KoS really hit the nail on the head with her points.

ps. why does everyone seem to like to finish with G.O.A.T.? IMO, Violator and Defender are better knighthood enders. But again, horses for courses. :slight_smile: :goat:


oh yeah, excellent point. gives you more time to eat, too so you have more time during the breaks


Knighthood was my Mt. Sufferlandria (aka Big Mountain) when I’d first heard of it too.

I’ve got nothing to add really to what the other Knights have already said. Your list looks horrible and I can’t wait to cheer and support (jeer, mock, snicker and laugh) you on the day. Speaking of…do you have a date yet?


Agree w all, and you’ll get some good tips from this crew. Only thing I would add is to forget your whole ”focus on my strengths” thing. I’d suggest you consider mixing up the workouts if for no other reason than variation and alternating stressors.

KoS is going to be a long day.


The list looks terribly awful, no doubt you will be going on an exciting journey :joy:

But those are really solid advices from Dame @IsiSchneider_KoS. I would also add getting a heck load of fluids too, and a pretty good fan to keep your body cooled throughout the 10 back-to-back rides @hobbyhoarder.

Another thing which I would also recommend is to go through a few of the MTP modules especially the Positive Self Talk and Remembering Why while you are planning for your Quest.

+1000 :wink:


You’ve gotten great advice so far! I’ll echo some points:

Choose workouts that feel fun and motivating, either because they bring a smile or because they are a nemesis you’ve fought and conquered. From this POV, your focus on strengths is great, assuming it means you are avoiding workouts you just hate.

Consider that workouts done back to back for hours at reduced intensity feel different. For me, the most important thing toward the end was avoiding any long slogs. Quick intervals and lots of cadence changes helped. Two climbing vids in a row would have killed me. But YMMV.

Put your absolute favorite at #7 and make 8-10 shorter vids unless they are extremely motivating to you.

I personally love your list and would chose something similar, just switching GOAT and RtD at the end.


One things I’ve liked to do and I know some others have done is to put a nemesis video at #9. the one video that destroys you every time. At a reduced intensity it won’t hit exactly the same, and it will be great motivation for your second to last video. Then put your most favorite and most motivating video last. The one where you feel the most ecstasy and emotional power when you finish and can’t help but laugh or cry or throw your arms in the arm or swear or all of the above. It always a powerful way to finish.


The only other confusing point I will add to the already great suggestions is to alternate FTP/MAP and AC/NM focused workouts.

Mentally I knew when I was busy with one type, I knew that my body would ‘get a rest’ by doing the next type.

I think I made my odd numbers AC/NM and even numbers FTP/MAP, as I wanted to end with a ‘strength’ focused workout, and have #8 as a ‘strength’ workout after cresting halfway.


Excellent stuff, thank you!

Number 4 is also a great idea; I was planning on doing one video per day in succession to try them out, but your approach is even better as I won’t be fresh between the rides and they’ll probably feel different then.

I’ll do the KoS Training Plan beforehand, which includes one day with 5 (I think) sessions in a row.

Thank you again for your help!

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I haven’t thought about that, I’ll definitely go and rearrange my list a bit to try and prolong the breaks in between. Thank you!

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To be honest, I’ve mostly put GOAT at the end because I’ve read almost every old post on this topic and GOAT was usually the last one; I just figured people smarter than me know why they have it at the end and I’ve just copied it.

I’ll look at your suggestions again and see if I’d like to have those at the end.

Thank you!


Thank you, I’ll definitely need all the support I can get!

I don’t have a specific date in mind yet, but the goal is towards the end of summer. That’s when I’m usually in my top shape, but more importantly, my bike room gets cooked with summer sun and has no AC, so it’s unbearable during the hot months.

The more I plan for it, though, the sooner I want it to happen. If we’ll get a week of cold weather during the summer, I’ll attempt it then.


After reading the replies, I’ll probably do as you suggest and mix it up more. It probably wasn’t the best idea to pick only sprint videos when I could be using my climbing muscle as well.

Great tip, thank you!


Hey Darren, thanks for replying. I immediately remembered your “book” from your own attempt, it really helped me with planning my own one.

I’m currently doing the Mental training as well and it will be done when my attempt comes around. KoS was immediately set as my Big Mountain :smiley:


Those are all very good points, thank you!

I don’t really have a video that I hate, although I haven’t tried all of them yet, so that will probably change :grinning:

I’ll very likely remove GOAT as the last one, as you’re not the only person suggesting that.


Great idea, I can imagine it’s easier tackling a hard one when you know the last (and best) is coming soon.


Yes, that’s an excellent point and I’m realizing doing just one type of focus would probably kill some of my muscles while the others would be resting.

I’m reworking my list based on the great replies I’ve gotten here and I’ll definitely alternate focus types more.

Thank you!