First ride for a while

First ride for 9 months today - feeling a bit europhic :slight_smile: but also a sense of regret I let it creep so long in Couchlandria.

Haven’t ridden since Tour of Sufferlandria. Sounds stupid, but had Covid 13 months ago and been struggling since, but somehow managed a bit of winter training and then ToS.

Today’s comeback was “Getting Away With It” (at 90%). Loved it. Perfect mix of everything.

Where do I go from here? A few more rides then the fitness test?

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Welcome back - no better time than the present!

This discussion has been making the rounds lately - good for all that are getting back to it - I (and many) would recommend restarting with the fitness kickstarter, and getting a HM and FF under your belt, then recalibrate and go from there.

It’s ok, by the way. Don’t kick yourself too hard - we’ve all spent too much time on the couch. Our new normal has been a hard go.


The way I might “go from there” is to set up the All Purpose Road Plan. It will give you some structure to help motivate continued riding. Of course, you can skip workouts and move things around as needed.

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Actually, I have to agree here. If you are off the bike for any long term time, it is best to ease your way back into it. Even if you were doing another type of exercise like running/swimming. Different muscle sets!
@AkaPete I agree after the Kickstarter AND Full Frontal. Looking at about a month away before doing the plan. You don’t want to jump right in as injury can result, lengthening the stay in Couchlandria. Also, COVID is nothing to mess with at this point.

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