Please recommend me some fun rides to get back into it


I completed the “Fitness Kick Starter” programme in October. Really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it, but then got Corona. I’m OK now but need to build up my stamina again.

I want to “just ride” for a while until I feel ready to commit to a new programme. I remember a lot of the videos being a lot of fun but can’t remember the details.

I’m fortunate to have a Kickr climb so even better if it’s a compatible video.

I did “Joy Ride” a couple of days ago, but had to wind down the intensity for the last interval. So should I do a new fitness test to reflect my declined fitness?

Edit: Did “Recharge” today and it was perfect.



I almost always re-start my training/time on bike with Getting Away with It. Not sure why, but I do. It’s a good workout/ride.

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Have you had a look at the ‘Inspiration’ films. All sub threshold and from 20 mins -> 1:42hr. Worth a look and you could always dial down the intensity to get the legs turning again and get used to being on the bike again.

At some stage you should redo one of the tests (Half Monty or Full Frontal) to get up-to-date power numbers. But given that you’re just getting back into things, then I agree with @Sir_SimonF that the Inspiration videos are a good option.

Also, given that you’ve had COVID, you should double-check that you’re good to go with restarting exercise. I’ve heard that you want to be REALLY conservative about getting back into exercise.


This is just one man’s opinion, but you should be able to enjoy a workout even if you can’t make it all the way to the end. I recommend doing FF, getting your ass destroyed while smiling the entire time. What could be more enjoyable that that? Are you a Couchlandrian or a Sufferlandrian?

I teach at a university and I only give students problems that they can’t do. It is the only way that that can develop mental strength, mental stamina and the ability to figure things out for themselves.

Best of Luck whatever you choose!!


I did the easy 3 week building block (sorry, forgotten name but it’s not FTP, MAP or NM) and found it revitalised me after a 3 week break where both fitness and motivation had left me. The easier rides were simply enjoyable whilst reminding my body and mind what cycling is!

Thanks a lot for all the replies. Appreciated!

Someone “offline” told me it takes the same number of weeks as you’ve been inactive to get back to the same fitness you had.

Ride on!