Getting back on the bike

Hi, just hunting some advice about resuming training after being off the bike. I am cleared to resume but the prospect of starting of with an assembly of HIIT sessions that characterise the typical sufferfest program seems a little too “big” for me. Is there a “way” to start again, or do I just dive in and go for it?

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Maybe fitness kick-start or the Transition Up plan?


You can also pick and choose your own workouts, without needing to have a plan. A number of the new Inspiration videos are in the ‘Endurance’ category, which gets you working without the high-intensity of a lot of the Sufferfest workouts.

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Many thanks. Wasn’t aware of the transition plans and extra inspiration never goes to waste. Appreciate your input


As @way9e0 mentioned, you can do any workout without being part of a plan. If your’e (rightly) concerned about going straight in to some Top Level Suffering then you can also scale the target power levels down to something more appropriate. I don’t know what history you have with the sufferfest but this would be a nice way of getting on the bike and seeing what kind of things are on offer without destroying yourself too much.

Then when you’re ready, do a fitness test, get your levels set appropriately and get stuck in. But only when you’re ready. Congrats on getting back on the bike, that is the most important step!

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@bradley the other way to do it is to head back in with a few short Recovery rides and then follow one of the Base Building blocks - low or moderate volume for 3 or 4 weeks. Adds some structure. That’s the path I took in my recovery from surgery and today after 6 weeks I did Half Monty. A great way to ease back in, and get fitter, until you’re again ready for the higher intensity sessions. Bonus with this is there are some great new Inspiration workouts that have just been dropped.

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A nice way to explore the new app and content could be the 14 day starter plan, or one of the “a week with” plans. Just dial back the intensity as needed.

You can also load up any of the videos and put your trainer in Level mode so you don’t have ERG mode forcing you to ride at specific power levels. Then you can ride to whatever level you feel best suits you. And after a week or two you’ll have a good idea of your fitness level and what to aim for in Full Frontal.

Thanks Craig. Appreciate you taking the time to get back to me.

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