First Wahoo Workout outdoors, feedback

So I did “Getting away with it” as my first ever outdoor workout yesterday…

  • it was great, nice way to combine a training plan and a proper ride
  • The simplified profile and power zone ranges are great, help a lot for outdoors
  • it’s really hard to keep the power numbers within the target zone ranges, maybe this will come with practice though
  • like the default workout page on my Element Bolt


  • My outdoor session doesn’t show up in my “Getting away with it” activity history. I know it’s not comparable with the indoor sessions, but still it would be good to access the activity history here, like the indoor sessions
  • After the ride, in the Activity Details, it would be great to see the target power ranges superimposed on the measurements so that I can see how close my power measurements were to the targets

Anyway, was fun, will do it again… cheers!


I like it too. Especially the Novids I find easy to do outside (like endurance with some MAP efforts).

I don’t think it will ever show up as a getting away with it. Simply because you do not have to be on target to complete the ride.

The actual an targeted power overlay would indeed be useful.


Nice pic! :heart:

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Great photo…where is that?


Thanks! Southern Bavaria, looking south to the Austrian Alps. Lucky enough to call this my backyard.


Wo im Sudbayern? :thinking:

Lived near Rosenheim for a number of years, raced for a club right at the foot of those Alps. I know Wendelstein and her sisters veeeery well.

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Nice! Over by Rosenheim is also a lovely part of the world for cycling. I’m a bit to the west of there, by Ammersee. Looking towards Garmisch and Füssen in the photo.

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Aww, I know Garmisch well. Hiked Zugspitze once - overnighted in a hut. And gave more relatives a tour of Oberammergau than I’d care to mention.

(Speaking in American) “We got great tickets for a flight into Frankfurt - that’s not far from where you live, is it?”



That’s an awesome view!
So far, I have only taken those Endurance No-Vid workout outdoors, and like you mention, it’s actually quite difficult to keep to the power targets for me too, mainly because of the road undulations which I come across. :slight_smile:
But once the road really flattens out, it’s not pretty easy to maintain a steady power.

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I’ve relied on my KICKR Bike leading up to and after hand surgery, but I’ve almost healed to the point where I might try an outdoor ride before the rains move in for the winter. It’s been a while, how do I set my road bike to ERG mode? :thinking: :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry if you already know this, but if you track the cursor over the graphs, the target vs actual values (power, cadence, etc.) are displayed.

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Hmmm… not sure what you mean, in the SYSTM desktop app and the ELEMNT mobile app I only get my recorded values, not the target values…

Sorry about that, you are correct. I was thinking of indoor rides.