Fitness kick starter question

So I’ve started the road fitness kick-starter program or the 10 week GCN “do the plan with Dan” and I’ve noticed that the half monty is scheduled somewhere in january and the full frontal at the end of the training.
I’ve seen another road fitness kick starter available that starts with the half monty and I’m wondering if it’s okay to continue with my current plan for another two three weeks until the half monty or if I made a mistake and should change to the other plan.
My workout targets are estimates.

It’s good to make some accurate power targets to start the plan and Half Monty will provide these for FTP and MAP (but not NM or AC). You could change plans to the one that includes Half Monty at the start, or you could do Half Monty as an added workout before starting/restarting the Fitness Kicker Starter you had originally planned.

Whatever you choose, I found this chap’s video about the Half Monty really useful viewing before attempting it: