Peaking: time to do a Half Monty?

Three weeks ago I started an Advanced Full Century Plan after 3 months of lazy training, so after two week I started to feel very strong at the road and in Sufferlandria. Today I’m starting a rest week, so after Extra Shot reduced, my Garmin is showing me a Peaking Status. Do you think it’s a good a idea to do a Half Monty after this test week?

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Did you do a test week before starting the Advanced Century plan? You should have Half Monty scheduled for week 7 of the plan.

Depending on how you are feeling, you can do Half Monty but bear in mind the plans have build weeks and recovery weeks so if the plan has been feeling manageable up until now you could do an early Half Monty (make sure to do Primers the day before) but if already did a test 2 weeks ago or if the workouts have been a struggle, stick to your current 4DP numbers for a few more weeks.

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Hi Coach Rupert. Yes, I did FF before starting plan, and I had lower numbers, now I think I came back to my previous condition. I felt last week workouts very manageable. Next Monday is Shovel, so if I can do it without interruptions, I will test again.

Thanks for reply.