Focus exercise

I love the focus exercise. I used to be dubious but it definite helps me get to a point where I can concentrate on what I’m doing without having a running commentary in my head and ultimately being distracted by other things. The only thing I struggle with is the “imagine the surface of a smooth lake”. I actually tend to find it distracting trying to think of that image. I feel I need something to envisage, but I’m not sure what. How does everyone else treat that part of the exercise? Any other advice?


I’m 100% with you on the exercise and on the difficulty in conjuring the image of the surface of a smooth lake. The image I do get and use is a dock with Adirondack chair looking out over the lake.

Something like this:


Some people have trouble creating visual images, and I am one of them. Whenever I do the focus exercise, I just relax, and I do not worry about the imagination part.

I think you find that after a period of time you can achieve the focus you need even without the exercise.


…except yours would be frozen, with hockey players all over it. :wink:



I actually do picture a frozen lake… As that’s the only time I ever see the surface of a lake smooth. You know, that very first, really thin sheet of ice that almost looks like the water is perfectly calm, but you realize no, your lungs are freezing and it’s just ice…
Ahem, no problem visualizing here :joy:

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ffs, don’t even get me started.

Right there with you, brother. My daughter in Newfoundland has about had it.

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