MTP | Remembering Why

Remembering Why is coming up in my plan. What are some reminders that are important to all of you?

Sharing a snapshot of some of my reminders.


What does cleaning a difficult climb entail? Is that a MTB term?

Yes, think of +25% grade with lots of loose materials and fist sized rocks thrown in for good measure!


Sounds like Mt Sufferlandria. Is there lava snow at this time of year?

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Always :smiling_imp:


What is that :thinking:

What are you referring to?

Remembering Why is one of the modules in the Mental Training Plan.


Adding in the “because” to each one. (New to the workbook?) Also adding pictures too! Working towards having one for each day and they will repeat monthly.


@Glen.Coutts Snow usually makes it easier - smooths out the terrain :smiley: Basically it is a section where you often are switching to neuromuscular to get around the obstacle. For a more prolonged effort it may involve both neuromuscular and also anaerobic capacity and probably some MAP too.




This is outstanding @ErickT! I really, really, really (!) like the use of recurring reminders with the photos, and the added “because” statements. Powerful words and imagery. :muscle:

Thank-you for sharing. :+1:


You bet @jfc !

Tks. Had no idea. No mental coach done so far.


It’s a brilliant program! Helps you decide on and set a huge goal and then develop a plan to make it happen. I’ve used it a few times. :heart:


Add it to your next plan! The thing I very often do is when I have a busy day is deprioritize these. Over time I’ve come to realize they are just as important as the SUF, strength, and yoga workouts.


ok, here is the full list for now, feel free to steal/copy/paste. :blush: There are three different types: visualizations, reminders, positive thinking pep talks

Please do share your own.

The race is a story you are telling yourself. Accept that you have what it takes right now! (I stole this one from an interview with Kate Courtney)

Visualize yourself winning a sprint - stay in your inner stillness!

Focus on the present — what is happening now, this moment

Remember your first 12 hour race. You rode 100 miles and earned a podium! (replace with your most proud cycling or running moment)

X — KEEP YOUR EDGE — X (this one is very personal in nature)

All of your effort had made the here and now - now! (I can’t remember where I got this, probably from a SUF video)

Know that you started strong and will finish stronger. (Definitely stolen from a SUF video or the MTP program)

Breathe deeply and think “RELAX” as you exhale

Picture yourself cleaning a difficult climb (see discussion above :point_up:)

Imagine that you are outriding doubt and discomfort!

Remember what is your Mt. Sufferlandria :volcano: (or Big Mountain)

Visualize yourself gliding into a hitchhiker (BMX Flatland trick)

Imagine yourself flowing down a challenging decent taking all the best lines

Patience with slow and steady progress is better than taking the shortcut and digging yourself into a hole. (I’m still working on this!)

What is happening right now is temporary. You will get through this!

Imagine yourself crossing the finish line! :checkered_flag: :checkered_flag: :checkered_flag:

Remember what that feeling of “flow” feels like!

When negative thoughts arise, picture a stop sign :stop_sign: (yes, I lifted this directly from “Getting Positive” and the workbook)

Picture yourself leading the pack, dictating the outcomes of the race.

You are determined and are moving closer to your goals! (another one lifted from the MTP)

Visualize yourself on the podium! :2nd_place_medal: :1st_place_medal: :3rd_place_medal:


@ErickT Sonya Looney’s podcasts also have some good mental toughness material.

Self Talk for Performance

I may have borrowed some of these from her too!

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