Freestyle Libre 2 Integration

Hello Wahoo team,
I just saw we can now connect a Supersapiens sensor directly to our head unit.
I’m a diabetic and I use Freestyle Libre 2 Sensor who are the same used by Supersapiens. Can you help diabetic people and integrate them also to wahoo system ?

Thanks !

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I thought SuperSapians has upgraded to the Libre3. However, you should be able to monitor glucose off of you device. I don’t know how, but maybe someone will chime in and describe the process with Wahoo. I know that Garmin devices will pick up the signal if they have BTLE support and that you have to add a field to see it.

@TwoMoulins I believe the connection is made through the SuperSapiens app.

I’m sure I read that this is unlikely to happen because integrating the ELMNT directly with CGM sensors turns it into a medical device subject to FDA approval or whatever jurisdiction applies in your country. This type of approval is expensive it took a company the size of Apple to get the ECG function on their watch approved. I understand their are workarounds to get notifications from the App that works with your sensor sent to a fitness watch or bike computer. Hope you find something that works for you.

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