FTP and weight

Since my last test, my weight has gone up. I thought my FTP and MAP would go up on or stay the same. It did not. Does weight gain factor into the test results?

No. The only factor weight plays is the watts per kilo calculation that updates each test.

To get that accurate you have to update weight before the test.

Hi caspooner - the only thing that will
Improve the MAP and FTP numbers is following a training regime that fits you.

Weight is not relevant to power numbers.

(I’m ignoring correlations that exist between people with bigger musculature (than the average human being) who are often therefore ‘heavier’ but also produce more power)

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This is an interesting video from GCN explaining how weight affects cycling performance. Bear in mind that they are assuming a constant w/kg, so a cyclist who weighs more would produce proportionally more power. If you weigh more but don’t hold the same w/kg you’ll ride slower, but how much slower would depend on the gradient.

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Thanks, based on recent session in the all purpose plan, I thought there would be improvement. I should be happy with where I am compared to last year at this time. Best wishes!

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Weight really only matters when going up the hill. Otherwise, you actually might be better if you weigh more providing that weight isn’t all around the belly (this includes the ladies too). The GCN video is based on some science from the cough Wahoo Science Department.

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