How to fit in Strength training with building blocks

I started base building blocks this week because I’m trying to get back to suffering slowly. I will continue with Tempo block after this 3 weeks block is over.
I’m wondering how can I fit in some strength/lifting sessions. The plan has me doing rides 5 days/week and two total rest days. Should I just pick a random day ? should I do it before or after the ride?



Hi @Ibrahim_F,

That’s a great question, since the building block plans don’t have strength integrated options. Luckily, though, we have strength training plans available to add under the Cross-Training tab. The strength sessions are scheduled for Tuesdays and Fridays, and should be done on the same day as either a recovery spin or endurance ride, or an NM focused cycling session. Looking at the Tempo Block plan, there are endurance sessions (SUF videos at reduced intensities) on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but no NM sessions. So I’d recommend adding the strength training plan to your calendar, but schedule it to start one day later than the default, which will shift them to Wed & Sat to line up with the lower intensity cycling sessions.
When pairing a strength and endurance ride on the same day, it’ preferable to do strength first while you’re fresh and use the ride as a flush for the system. Especially if you’re new to strength training or haven’t done any in a while, you just keep the potential for injury lower and flushing the legs with riding will help speed recovery as well. And don’t be afraid to reduce intensity a bit more on those rides if your legs are really tired.
That way, you’ll still get your rest days and maintain an appropriate workload of strength + cycling without over-doing it. But as always, if you feel that doing both is too much, then listen to your body and skip one or the other, or take an extra rest day if you feel it necessary.
Best of luck, and please report back on your progress!


Thank you @Coach.Suzie.S

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Hi @Coach.Suzie.S, I’ve just started the MAP-focussed building block plan and would like to add strength sessions using the cross-training programme, but it seems difficult to fit them in.

When should I schedule the strength sessions, given that each week has 2-3 days of high-intensity MAP sessions, always with recovery days in between? I’m wary about doing a strength session on the same day as a MAP session, because my leg muscles already tend to feel sore after these workouts.

Would it be best to do just one strength workout a week, on a day that follows a recovery day and has no MAP work scheduled?

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Hi @roger,

You’re right, the MAP blocks are tricky to fit in strength training, especially if you’re sore as a result of riding those sessions.
I would recommend cutting the strength program down to 1 day/week. Which day you choose to do is kind of up to you. One option is to do it on a day that you have a recovery spin scheduled. Do the strength first, with the recovery spin as a flush afterwards. Or, if you have an endurance ride somewhere in the week, you could do it that day, again before the ride. Just try to avoid doing it the day before the hardest MAP sessions of the week, in case you get sore from it. If you can’t find a good day to do it every week, don’t stress. Taking a short break from it won’t hurt you too much, just try to get back on a regular schedule when you can.

I hope that helps!


Hi @Coach.Suzie.S, that’s really helpful; thanks!

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@Coach.Suzie.S I’m starting the FTP building block today and would like to stack the intermediate strength training program. With this block, what days should I do the strength workouts? Thank you!

Hey @djones632,
I’d recommend doing the strength sessions on Wednesdays and Sundays, which have recovery or endurance rides scheduled. That way you’re not doing a hard ride and a strength session on the same day, where fatigue from one session may limit you in the other…and since they’re both meant to be high quality sessions, we want you to be able to do them both at full strength. Strength can be done before or after the ride, but I would do it first, while you’re fresh and use the cycling session to flush the system, since it’s at endurance or recovery effort.
Best of luck and if you have any further questions, let me know!


Thank you @Coach.Suzie.S that sounds good to me. Is there a way to change all strength workouts to certain days in my calendar or do I just have to reschedule them one by one?

After my vacation I plan on doing the full frontal prep 6-12 September, then after FF I will start the all purpose plan for 12 weeks, which will see me right through to December :blush: I actually can’t wait to get stuck into it!

Great to hear, and great to have a plan!
The strength sessions are always scheduled for Tuesday and Friday, unless you change the start or end date to shift the entire training plan. Otherwise, the only way to move the strength sessions is to reschedule them one by one.