Training with MAP weakness

So I’ve reached my end of season and, all things considered, I’d say it’s been pretty successful, especially everything life has thrown at us the last 12 months. One thing that has become clearer is that my MAP needs work. It’s always been weak compared to my FTP. For reference my MAP is around 123% of my FTP. I do wonder sometimes how much is mental vs physical on MAP efforts for me though.

Goal for next year is 55mins for 25 mile TT and 21:00 for a 10 mile.

This is my rough training plan:
1-2 weeks off now to recover mentally and physically
2 x 4 week (3 on, 1 off) base building blocks, but adding in some weekend tempo efforts in the second block.

I was then planning to go into the TT plan, followed by MAP block. I’ll obviously have some rests/mini breaks in there, but take those around everything life throws at us!

I’m wondering if a short MAP block before commencing the TT plan would be beneficial? Or if there’s something else I should consider? Do I need to keep throwing in a MAP block or even a different plan to really try to hit that before the TT plan?


@TTDragon Congrats on your season! Sure - add a MAP block after your time off.

I did something similar last season and it seemed to help as I went into my offseason training plan.


You are on the right path for improvement. Just remember to test after each block to see if you improve and to gain those improvements.
2 weeks of recovery type efforts (Inspiration videos will definely help and Z2 rides outside of no more than an hours duration).
MAP block #1. Do this with your end of season numbers.
FF week
MAP Block #2. Do this with your new numbers. Add in some Sweet Spot workouts on the weekend but keep them to two to three hours max.
FF Week
TT plan with new numbers.
For each FF you may see a change in your rider type or weakness. Use NEW plans to account for those changes.
And most of all, enjoy!


Thank you for your thoughts.

@jmckenzieKOS are you suggesting to forgo the base blocks and work MAP weakness instead over the winter? It’s a good thought, but I guess I’d need to watch for burn out later in the season and plan in additional rest weeks.


Base blocks are great once you work on MAP. I would do the four week MAP improvement sequences (that’s only three months and if you are starting now, you’ll be deep in Winter drooling for Spring.) Then do a Base block, depending when your first event is, and you have the time for it. If you DON’T have that kind of time, replace the last MAP with base and forgo the last FF. You need to get base built up at least a little (don’t overdo it to the point where you cannot complete a full 12 week training plan before your first event).


@jmckenzieKOS What’s the four week MAP improvement sequence? Or do you mean doing the MAP block 3 times with a test at the end of each block?

In my head I sort of presumed a base block then building to MAP made sense but may be I’m looking at it the wrong way.

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I also had a poor MAP/FTP ratio, and worked through MAP blocks all spring this year. Can vouch for the benefit of dedicated MAP training.

But man, just be prepared for some SUFFering! I can almost HEAR the :hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer::hammer: calling your name!



The second with a Full Frontal or Half Monty between them. If you have to time to do it. Do at LEAST one MAP block to see how you get on. The idea is to get your MAP higher and that may raise your FTP as well.


@jmckenzieKOS prescribed a great plan - Unless you feel like you need a Base Block to ramp you back into training - If you are not completely off, and get some movement in (different that intense training) you’re good to go right in to MAP. Now, if you are like me and finish a season completely tapped, and need a good week completely off, and depending how much movement you get in that second week, it might be nice to have a week or two of gentle ramp to get you back conditioned for training. Good luck!

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Brilliant thank you all for your input.

I was planning on taking 7-10 off right now with cadence builds (works well for me when I start back training) then Half Monty. I may therefore start with a base block before going into the MAP blocks. I’ve plenty of time as TT season runs April through August so don’t need or want to peak for the start. In the past I’ve usually responded well with an increase in training volume.

Would alternating a base and MAP blocks work?
Base block #1
MAP #1
Base block #2 (change weekday tempo for FTP build and add a weekend tempo session?)
MAP #2 (with weekend tempo/sweet spot as @jmckenzieKOS suggested? I’m conscious the MAP block is a tough plan so would have to see how things feel)

Or is is better to string the MAP blocks together:
Base block #1
MAP #1
MAP #2

I’m not a coach, but speaking for myself, if I tried to do 2x MAP blocks back to back I would peak and then burn out shortly after.


FWIW: For me, a 4 week MAP, FTP, etc, block is always 5 weeks as I kick it off with a 1week test plan that includes a HM on day 3 and a FF on day 7.

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How much to the plans adjust to rider type now? I know they all will vary depending on FTP, MAP, AC and NM values, but do the workouts alter depending on rider type? I know they used to buy think that was a work in progress after the switch to SYSTM.

The longer plans still adjust to rider type, I understand, but the blocks never did and still don’t.

Someone correct me though!?!

I would alternate to keep the stimulus fresh