How to maximize post-holiday fitness boost?

After a couple of months with unstructured training, it is time to get back on track, but would FTP or MAP 4 week building block be the best way to go?

Long story:
After ending my previous plan back in early June I did some experimenting with MTB’ing leading to fractured/bruised ribs going into my summer holiday. Needless to say, consistency and continuity suffered from both injury and holiday.

Ready to get back in the saddle again, aiming for a couple of races (70k road and 30k MTB marathon) in 4 weeks time my thinking is that a 4 week building block is the best way to re-boost my fitness. Did a Half Monty yesterday which showed a significant decrease in FTP and MAP, approx. 10% and 13% respectively. I expect the numbers to bounce back up quite quickly once a training plan structure is back on track.

However, I am not sure whether FTP or MAP building block is the way to get the maximal fitness boost?

I am leaning towards a MAP plan, as MAP had the biggest decrease. Somehow expect that an FTP increase will tag along with increased MAP numbers.

Any thoughts?

Hey @Magnito, Sorry to hear of your unexected touchdown, but glad that you are back in the game. A MAP building block is just the right thing for you and will likely drag your FTP up with it. Just be kind to yourself as you get back on the intensity. Good Luck!


Thanks @Coach.Jeff.H, that was exactly what I wanted to hear :slight_smile:
MAP building blocks with yoga added to calendar, and it feels great!

Very happy to be back in the game as well, and have not felt anything in my ribs for a couple of weeks so I don’t expect getting back into intensity will be any trouble. Guess I would have noticed during Half Monty ramp if there was an issue.