Sprint Efforts, Violator, Attacker 3 days in a row - Seriously?

Seriously!! Admittedly it comes after a rest week, but it will also be on new power settings after a half monty the Saturday before. (although I suppose this won’t matter for NM & AC targets). Yes I know the Sprints Efforts is only 25 mins long and only 5x30 secs, but that is surely going to be enough to deaden the legs for Violator the day after? And then Attacker? It just doesn’t bear thinking about.

Should I switch Violator to the Tuesday? Or just get my big boy pants on, have a double double espresso before each session and just do it as planned? I suppose the fear of the pain is often worse than the reality. I will need my head in the game for that week. Lets hope work, family etc are calm and facilitate.



Looks pretty normal to me!! a nice suffering 3 days !!


If it’s in the plan, it’s usually doable. You’d be surprised how much you can take. The plans are well thought through.

At the same time: if you crack during Attacker and have to dial down, then that’s fine too. Just remember that it’s better to finish the workout at lower settings than to bail altogether.

Happy suffering! :+1:


This. :point_up_2:

Are you on the Criterium plan, or the cry any time plan? :wink:


Not yet cried during a session, I save that for Disney movies with the kids, but the first 4DP I ever did, my wife came down to the garage hurriedly as she thought I was killing an intruder. Although I try and channel it more into the efforts now.


Just get after it brother.


@WahooCoach_Corey - I’m bracing myself but will go for it. Just out of interest, I may have a late night Thursday work commitment and may be crunched with time along with parental duties etc. I presume it would be ok to bring Violator forward to the Tuesday, then Attacker on the Wednesday and Sprint efforts on the Thursday as it is the shortest and I should be just able to squeeze it in before collapsing to bed??

I think the intent is to do the Sprint Efforts when you are fresh so that you can push the ceiling. What is on the menu for Monday?
It’d be OK to do Sprint efforts Monday, Violator on Tuesday, and Attacker Wednesday, then take Thursday off or if Monday is an ez ride, then do an ez 20 - 30 min spin before bed.
Would that work?

Meant to do a Half Monty Saturday and 2 hours endurance on Sunday followed by Rec Spin on Monday. I suppose I could bring it forward.

Although my dilemma now is, when I set the plan, I had no work commitments on Saturday, but I’ve found out I’m meant to be in work all morning Saturday to 12:30 and then have got to see a client in the afternoon which will take up 2 hours.

Aha, why not do it after then you say. Gulp, its my wife’s Birthday so having so long at work on Saturday and grinding out a half monty with prep and recovery may be too much to ask.

My wife would do it if I really wanted to, but I just can’t do it to her, she has had a tough few months and needs to have a nice afternoon and evening after I’ve done with work commitments.

So if I can I may try and squeeze in a Half Monty on the Sunday!! Which may mean bringing it all forward may mean I’m not on fresh legs if I do Sprint Efforts on the Monday.

I just think I’m going to have to think creatively. Just out of interest, if I’m short on time I figure something is better than nothing and rather than taking the liberties and pushing things out, I have sometimes done The Cure if I don’t have time for something longer. I presume that if I stick with the plan and don’t have time on Thursday, I could throw something in like the Cure instead of Attacker?

I think what Wahoo Systm needs as a plan too, is a max gainz min time for a Tues/Wed/Thurs block with just 30 mins each session.

Maybe Idol/Cure/Scream or something, but that is maybe a post for another time.

Thanks for the feedback.

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Sometimes we also must realize we simply cannot do it all, and must make the best decision based on the constraints.

I agree, do HM on Sunday, Rec Spin Monday, Sprint Efforts Tuesday, Violator Wednesday, and pick a shorter session for Thursday. My recommendation would be Joyride or The Cure.

Priorities my man - You are doing a great job juggling them. Pick a short session, no sweat, move on and move forward