Full Frontal and Half Monty - other learnings

Hi there,

Sufferlandrian and new cyclist since autumn 2019, I did 5 Full Frontal and 4 Half Monty since then. All this within the framework of the control of training programs. Today, I did the 4th Half Monty, week 8 of the TT Advanced Plan, with a slight progression from the Half Monty 27th October (Even though I did a Full Frontal on October 29th, I prefer to compare the results of the Half Monty, same protocol.) : FTP 298W -> 310W and MAP 381 -> 394. At 47 years old I accept any progression.

As I was a bit surprised by my LTHR which was lower (167 instead of 171, and the lowest ever), I was interested in the room temperature during each test (FF and HM). I consulted my GARMIN activities and I could see that of all the tests, today’s was the one where the temperature was the lowest.

Type Date FTP Max LTHR Room °C
HM 24.12.20 310 181 167 15
FF 01.11.20 303 182 173 20
HM 27.10.20 298 185 171 20
HM 23.07.20 300 180 166 24
HM 12.06.20 294 184 169 21
FF 26.04.20 268 182 172 21
FF 12.01.20 261 179 170 19
FF 27.10.19 240 179 170 No data

Any correlation between ambient temperature and LTHR? Not enough data to tell, but if someone has more information… I know that the colder it is the slower the heart beats but it should also affect the maximum pulse?

When I looked at the details of these tests, something else struck me and made me very happy. And I share it here because it is also an important part of cycling training. According to GARMIN with ASSIOMA DUO my L/R Balance, L/R Torque Effectiveness and L/R Pedal Smoothness have evolved very positively :

Type Date L/R Balance L/R Torque Effectiveness L/R Pedal Smoothness
HM 24.12.20 51/49 83/81 24/24
FF 01.11.20 51/49 77/76 22/21
HM 27.10.20 52/48 78/77 22/22
HM 23.07.20 51/49 80/78 22/22
HM 12.06.20 53/47 78/73 22/21
FF 26.04.20 52/48 72/70 20/19
FF 12.01.20 53/47 74/68 22/18
FF 27.10.19 No data No data No data

Conclusion: the benefit of training is not only FTP and other performance indicators but also this kind of things. On the road I think it’s important.

Do you have an opinion on the matter?

Regards from Switzerland and best wishes !



Really nice consistent gains over the year. Have you done any events or just been training?

@Peteski 2 Granfondos (200 kilometers and about 4’500 meters of elevation and 280 km and 6’500 meters of climbing and one TT )

Awesome. I trust they went well with the SUF training? I’m preparing for the L’Etape du Tour (180 km 3500 m) Alpine Sportive in July and a few other more local Gran Fondos along the way. If I can hit 300 W, 4.0 W/kg FTP I will be happy (currently at 273 W, 3.5 W/kg)!

240 to 310 in a year, so cool. I’d like to do same. Much older than you at 58. However, I’m on my way starting at 256 November 2021.

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