Odd mid plan half monty LTHR results

I did full frontal on 27th December, and I went deep. Needed to look into a bucket deep, but didn’t end up using it.

Started the all purpose road plan, and decided to mix it up a bit so I could fit in the ToS during a hard week in the plan (swapping out the plan for ToS), then carry on with the recovery week after ToS as part of the plan and then finish the plan.

Mixing it up meant I had to bring the Half Monty forward to this morning.

Full Frontal on 27th December: NM 1046, AC 304, MAP 214, FTP 154. LTHR 151
Half Monty on 26th January: MAP 246, FTP 188. LTHR 145

Good gains, but when you are unfit, it’s easy at the start to improve. But the odd part is my LTHR went down.

Is this normal? I would have thought LTHR would go up. My VO2 according to Garmin has gone from <34 to 37. and I’ve lost 5kg (12lb) over the same timeframe.

Could it be because my legs weren’t fresh enough? Yesterday was standing starts.

I find my legs (quads) get really sore (lactic acid) on sustained efforts long before my heart rate goes up to uncomfortable levels. But I can grind out a low cadence high (for me) watts for a long time.

Any ideas what could help improve it?


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@Fezzek Congrats on the jump in numbers! Regarding LTHR see the link below - specifically #10. In short I don’t think you should worry about it right now. Just keep suffering!

Heart Rate Training

Regarding your other question about lactic acid on sustained climbs - that will change as you continue to train.

Thank you. Reading that article, it looks like my legs weren’t fresh enough after the standing starts the day before. Either way, my HR is my HR, so nothing to worry about.

My workouts over the coming weeks will be a big increase in difficulty which is what I was hoping for doing the Half Monty mid plan. Hopefully my Full Frontal numbers will show a big improvement at the end as well!

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Thanks for asking the question Fezzek re LTHR.
Mine was down by 9 beats in Half Monty, this morning, compared to Full Frontal.
Yeah, my legs were not fresh from previous rides.
Although my MAP was up by about 8% (20W) :partying_face: !!
So very happy with the MAP result.

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I ended up having huge gains after 12 weeks in my full frontal. But my lthr only changed by 1 from my mid plan half monty and it seems to have stabilised. Which is what I think is expected.

My resting heart rate has dropped into the low 50s, so it’s a long way of the 30s when I was actually fit but it’s going in the right direction.

I’m still unfit, still massively over weight but improving. I like data and I’m learning more and more about myself and my progress every month.

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