Full Frontal and tweaked muscle

I have full frontal scheduled today before starting my next training plan. I managed to tweak the side of my calf muscle some how yesterday. Suspect I feel it more when walking than I would cycling but what do I do about testing today? I can’t really delay my plan starting as it would affect where events fall within the training plan. Do I stick it out with Full Frontal today, do Half Monty instead, or take the day off and manually adjust my numbers until retesting in a week or so?

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Ermm. Do FF and HM and manually adjust your numbers and retest in a week :slight_smile:

I’m actually one of the lucky ones where my HM and FF are within a small handful of watts so I’m not keen to ever do FF again. I will always be a sprinter (quite handily getting over 1 KW) with my FTP and MAP being also very consistent but much MUCH more modest and AC only fluctuating a bit. With the vast majority of vids focusing on FTP and MAP I am quite comfortable staying with HM. (Yah yah I know that #tuhntf :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )

But, you’re not me so, if I were you, I would go for FF but be very VERY mindful of and vigilant in paying attention to how my calf feels during the test. It may just be a mild strain, but it could also be more serious so, listen to your body (seriously, listen to it) and don’t just push through discomfort in this case as I’m sure the last thing you want is to end up being forced off the bike.

Also, while not a coach, pro or anyone that actually knows anything about anything, I don’t think it would be a big deal to skip testing today altogether, manually tweak your numbers (or not) and swap FF for one of the more intense rides in your schedule.

I’d get on the bike and start out very easy to see how it feels. It might go away as you warm up or it might start to hurt worse. Having it affect the test results is less of a concern than the possibility of exacerbating the injury. You can certainly delay the FF and start of your plan, in which case you’d miss a few workouts at the end, or maintain the end date and modify the plan accordingly by deleting/moving workouts. For example, there are often hard workouts following by a day two of easier workouts. You can shorten a plan by deleting a hard workout and following easy workouts and moving the plan up the corresponding number of days so that you’re doing the next hard/easy sequence.

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Hmm I might load up FF and see how the warm up goes. Actually @Glen.Coutts my FF and HM are very consistent with each other, and it’s very likely that on my TT bike I will be sprinter with MAP weakness, the same as last time. So from that point it may be more worthwhile tackling HM and not risking a problem. I’m 99% certain is a very minor issue and will probably be back to normal in a couple of days. I made the stupid mistake of wearing a new pair of cycling shoes yesterday and think the clear position needs adjusting slightly.

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This one?

Perhaps do a warmup like Igniter to see how things feel. Of all’s well, go for FF or HM as you desire. If not, stop for the day.

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@AkaPete +1. The warm up videos make a big difference for me. Ignitor is a good one along with Ready, Steady, Go and also the no-vid warmups which are in increments of 10, 15 and 20 minutes. Generally I do a warmup before every fitness test, MAP and Pro-Ride and sometimes before other workouts as well.

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Update. I started the warm up and my calf felt fine, but I decided that a couple of max sprints in Full Frontal probably wouldn’t be the best idea, so I did Half Monty. Happy with the results, +13w on MAP and +5w on FTP, which makes it a total of +33w MAP +19w FTP since staring the current plan :+1:t2:


Solid gains and good choice!



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