Full frontal prep outside

I have FF scheduled in my training plan for a week tomorrow. I’m hoping to get out a few time’s this week on the road but don’t want to mess up my prep for FF too much either. Solid recovery rides are difficult where I live as it’s quite hilly. Any tips on managing FF prep weeks with outdoor riding?

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Hi there - I’ve partially done this before and what I did for simple ones like ‘recovery ride’ was just kept my HR in Z1 (hilly round here too so I just used granny gear when needed and avoided anything that would make HR go silly.

It can be done for cadence work as well by using easy gears and the taper efforts ride can also be done. As I’m outside I am not staring at my head unit to check numbers - but I take an interest in timing efforts in my head and recovery intervals I take make it feel ‘so so easy’ …

I wouldnt over stress the precision. Getting the amount of time at roughly the right tss and roughly the right effort will do the job done.

Hey Alistair,
Good question about getting outside during prep week. Martin is right when recommending low HR zones so you are not over straining but where you can also try and so some quicker leg work for your cadence.
I recommend staying on the trainer for Primers though so you are ready for the FF!


In the end it’s been turbo this week as the weather has been a bit rubbish here. Rest day today, Primers tomorrow then FF Sunday!


Go get it. good luck