Full Frontal Sprint and Virtual Power Delay

I did FF yesterday and I’m pleased that I paced all the segments appropriately, and I’m pleased with the results, except, I use virtual watts, and during the 5 second sprint sections at the end, there was the typical lag in virtual watts coming to steady state while I was accelerating into the sprint. Max power didn’t register until well after the 5 second test was over, even as I could feel the peak and fade during the actual 5 seconds of effort. Usually with longer segments, this lag gets averaged out and is insignificant, but for this segment, the lag obscures the actual measurement. Does anybody have a thought on how to overcome this limitation of virtual power in the 5 second section of FF? Can anyone suggest a manual adjustment to that metric?

I just ignore the watt targets for NM intervals during workouts and instead watch out for the red lines on the power graph at the bottom of the screen and hit the NM intervals full gas in top gear.

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@JGreengrass , Thanks for that! I do the same.
I wonder if there might be an interaction between NM power and the others so that when Suf sets targets for non-NM sections, they take into account the value of NM in 4DP? In that case, a more accurate NM value would have some value. If not, then your approach is sound.

If you have power smoothing on then the displayed power will lag behind your effort. Doesn’t affect the actual recording though. There’ll be some inherent lag with virtual power as it’s based on wheel speed but not much you can do about that. When it comes to targets NM only affects the NM-based intervals so you can ignore the numbers and just go for it, best way even with power :grinning:

Thanks you Sir James!