Recovery protocol after FF?

Just completed FF yesterday. Curious to learn how everyone approaches recovering in the day(s) after and how soon you jump into a serious training block. Solid recovery and nutrition the day off and a rest day after? Back at it the next day? Or a full rest week?

I always find myself eager to get back at it as I’m anxious about getting to work with my numbers. But I suspect patience is the order of the day. Would also love to hear from the coaches’ perspective, if possible. Thanks in advance!

@cocoroco Usually I do a recovery spin the next day and then start my plan the day after.


42 years young

I go by feel. Sometimes one day off is enough, sometimes I need two (one day off, one day recovery spin). More varies based on how fit I am, hasn’t changed much with age. I can normally tell just getting out of bed.

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You could probably jump back in with some really easy stuff the next day, but depending on sleep etc, maybe wait 4-5 days before hitting some intensity.

Yeah. The FF is a hard workout, but not that big of a deal. Look a the IF and TSS to get an idea of how it compares to other workouts and how they are situated in plans you’ve done. My outdoor rides are often tougher, particularly fast group rides.

Thanks everyone! This is essentially what I have been doing — treating it as a hard workout. I can imagine extending a little rest as it usually ends up replacing one of the days at the end of a rest week. On a related note, how does everyone incorporate the FF prep week into their training blocks? Do you replace the rest week of your last block? Or tack the FF prep on after a rest week?