Full Frontal Timing

Dear all,

I’ve got another one of these Full Frontal timing questions…

I took Full Frontal after the dedicated prep week some time ago. Right after that, I followed the 4-week Volcano Climb plan ; then I immediatly started the 4-week Speed Demon plan. I’m now two weeks in this program.

Even though I don’t want to, I sense I should take FF again soon. My question is : should I finish Speed Demon plan including its reduced intensity final week, then follow FF prep week ? Wouldn’t it be too much rest ? Or should I skip either Speed Demon final week or FF prep week ?

Thanks a lot for your advice !

My suggestion is to finish your current plan before taking FF.
I agree that starting with the prep plan will probably be more rest than you need.

I see that there is FTP and NM rides a few days before the end of the plan, so taking FF right after might not be the best idea.
So, take a day or 2 off after the final week, depending on how you feel at that time, do primers on the next day and FF as a final.

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What he said :point_up:


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Thanks very much for the answers.

That’s more or less what I was thinking : two days off then Primer then FF. Or maybe Recharger then a day off then Primer and FF.

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yep, skip one of the two and you should be good to go.

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