Advice to reschedule FF

Hi everyone,
End of Transition Ramp Up TP today with FF.
Last monday, I was in a very good day and went hard in Half is Easy in slope mode, with huge numbers.
Maybe it broke me for the final week …
Yesterday, I was bad in Primers … I was frustrated but decided not to do FF and have a rest day this Sunday.
I expect to reschedule FF next Sunday with a light Preparation week:

  • Recharger on Monday (good workout for mind and body)
  • TBWIB (without final 13 min race) on Wednesday
  • Recharger on Thursday
  • Primers on Saturday
    Any advice from fellow Sufferlandrians or Coaches is welcome

Hi there. The simplest way to prep for FF is to load up the FF prep plan under training plans - then you know for sure you’re on a coach designed prep week. It caters for keeping the systems alive well.

Worth a look.

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Curious what the coaches have to say as well. I know there’s a FF prep plan, but doesn’t tapering mean that you should cut volume in half and keep some intensity… so wouldn’t the prep plan seems like a bit much in volume if you’re not used to it. Either way, my take would be to rest up, don’t think too hard about it, and give FF a try when you next feel good and ready to go. There’s so much pressure to nail primers beforehand and be in peak form that I feel like it almost adds to the stress and detracts from performance. At the end of the day you’re just trying to establish good training metrics for the next plan. My 2 cents.

Hey @NicoAttacker,
The plan you devised is fine. It’s very similar to the FF prep plan so no worries. Another option, if you’re feeling good Monday…go for it! Either way you want to feel strong going into FF.
Let us know how it goes for you!



Thanks for all

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Just for visibility - total tss in that plan including primers is 150, and is exactly as you’ve described. But of intensity in the middle and Primers to wake you up the day before.

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Good luck! I just finished the ramp up plan too.