Hi there

Road G.O.A.T today on SystemX as part of my planned fitness schedule

I prepared for a 1:30 hour training as announced having two water bottles ready but the workout only lasted 45 minutes and the one bottle was more than enough

Not a big problem but please check the numbers :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance

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Hi, could you confirm where you saw a 1.5 hour timeframe for G.O.A.T? I’ve just had a look and can’t find that anywhere.
My screenshots are here, but the erroneous description you saw must be outside of the actual workout library? In the challenge text?


You were supposed to do it twice :wink:


Yeah sorry I can reproduce it, seems to be ok now

I scheduled the Fitness Kickstarter on my calendar, and the entry on the calendar showed 1:30 hours
It was scehduled in May and the workout didn’t have the June Monthly Challenge tag at the time

As I started the workout it stated 45 min as shown
Maybe a glitch :slight_smile:


Argh, still annoying tho.


Last weekend I had a 3-4 hour ride planned with all my fuel ready to go. Then my alarm didn’t go off and I only managed an hour and 20 minutes on the trainer. :pleading_face: So I understand your frustration.