Gains from 9 weeks training

First re-test after 9 weeks training.
Improvements in all areas, think I’m happy with the improvements…
Would you be?
Also first experience into structured training what I actually found quite fun, looking forward to the next 4DP test already

5 sec NM + 140 to 886W
1 min AC + 25 TO 367W
5 min MAP + 39 TO 254W
20 min FTP + 35 TO 220W


+20% (looking at your ftp number).

If I could get that in two years I’d be dancing in the streets :slight_smile:

That’s top top work. Well done. Keep it going :slight_smile:

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Thank you, hadn’t actually looked at the % of increase!

Well done, that’s good, I got a +24 watt on FTP, and was chuffed with that. Looking forward to 4DP in 2 weeks’ time to see next increase. That’s the good thing about being a SUF-newbie.

@olvxska You’re looking forward to Full Frontal? You are insane or a Sufferlandrian.

Actually I am looking forward to seeing how well I can do in 2 weeks too, post nuclear tour