Failure to export completed workouts to Strava

Hi there!

I´m a couple of weeks into SUF-training but having trouble exporting completed w/o to Strava. In fact, not a single attempted export to Strava has gone right!

  • W/o exports to Garmin, Trainingpeaks and to my own email works perfectly.
  • Strava-connection status is “connected”, but I’ve tried to disconnect and reconnect anyway but with no changes in the actual ability to export.
  • The behavior is the same whether I attempt to export from laptop (MacOS), iPad or iPhone
  • W/o recorded on my Garmin-device with export to Strava after completion works perfectly, so it can’t be a password issue.

Any ideas?

You may need to check your permissions in Strava- sometimes even if you have authorized sharing from another platform it won’t happen until you “permit it” from your Strava settings. If that doesn’t work please send us an email at and we’ll try to help

Thx for reply :slight_smile: I’ve dug a bit more into this after this tip and observes some quit odd behaviors, but all inside Strava. There’s a difference between the Strava app and Strava website and which workouts are registered where. Exported w/o´s from SUF are registered only on the Strava website and not in the app, while w/o´s exported from Garmin shows up only on the Strava app. Strava support, here I come.