Garmin plan to wahooX calendar

is it possible to transfer Garmin Run Plan to Wahoo X Calendar?

Hey @Bchorost at the moment, the SYSTM Calendar is closed to only SYSTM plans. There are a fair number of running workouts (130 of them) in the SYSTM app though so, if they are similar enough to what you’ve got, while not ideal, you could drop them in to the calendar from the SYSTM library individually.

Edit: and welcome to the forums!

So, maby I can move bike workout from systm calendar to garmin calendar?

That’s another nope :frowning: The SYSTM calendar doesn’t play well with others.

Edit: what SYSTM WILL do, is upload completed bike, strength/mobility, yoga, or mental training workouts you’ve done in SYSTM to Garmin Connect but that doesn’t help with planning if you’re using garmin connect to plan.