Calendar manual inputs

Quick question. Is there a way that I can manually input workouts in the Systm calendar? I would like to use it as my main fitness calendar and add some rowing workouts to my Biathlon plan schedule. It would be nice to just open Systm and have all need to do for the day.
Right now, Systm is my main workout app, I am invested in equip and subscription, so it would be great to be able to pull all my other stuff in here as well.

I don’t think we can export the Systm calendar to another place, right? Thanks!



+1 for more calendar functionality :slight_smile:


@Francislrt Not really. You could try using a placeholder workout to remind you - eg I do upper and lower body free weights in the off-season and add in a strength workout that matches the approximate time I expect the workout to take. Unfortunately there are no rowing specific workouts you could use. I use TrainingPeaks for that sort of planning.

It would be really great to use a training calendar from Wahoo. I want to create structured loops for my Wahoo instruments without using third party software. Somehow it turns out strangely, you buy a subscription and cannot fully use the program. I really want this fixed. :+1:

I too would like to be able to at least copy systm session notations to Google calendar so I can see in advance where life might get in the way of suffering.
Not sure if this would help you but I “plan” in Final surge - which can copy to Google calendar e.g. I input “MAP 60 mins” or “END 2 hrs”. I link all my activity to it so I can see plan vs done - including stuff I don’t sync to Strava. Complicated? a bit maybe but it works for me :slightly_smiling_face:

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